Chapter Fifteen

“Have ye by any chance seen that wee partner of ours, Larry?”

“No, I haven’t. Last night he mentioned something about having an early breakfast and being the first one out to help with the fencing this morning. I wonder who he thinks he’s in a race with?” Larry responded with a soft chuckle.

“Hmm, now why would I be thinking that rapscallion is trying to evade his physical this morn,” Aiden grumbled as he set off to locate his partner with every intention of seeing to it that Spyke kept his scheduled time with Lakota, even if the big Scot had to carry him to it.

Aiden and Spyke arrived at the infirmary on time for Spyke’s appointment. The achievement hadn’t been accomplished without a heroic effort on the younger man’s part to impede his partner’s intentions.

The plain fact was Spyke totally disagreeing with the council’s arbitrary decision regarding mandatory physicals. It wasn’t that he objected seeing a physician or that he disliked the island’s medical staff. No! It was strictly a matter of principle. He felt it violated his rights as a free man.   

Aiden strolled into the infirmary with his youngest partner slung over his shoulder. He let Spyke slide down until his backside landed on the examining table, but before the Scotsman could take his leave, the young man jumped down and tried to get out of the tent first. 

The insubordination was quickly squelched by the big Scotsman. Yanking down Spyke’s trousers and underwear, Aiden delivered half a dozen hard swats to the upturned naked bottom causing an outburst of swear words to escape his captive’s mouth.

Once the chastened man was set back on the table, Aiden turned without uttering a word and walked out leaving Lakota to deal with another unenthusiastic patient.

Kevin was in the medical ward and he had glanced up at the raised voices and again when the sounds he perceived coming through the curtain were clearly those of a hand slapping against bare skin. Though it was the accepted way in these days and times for parents and mentors to physically punish their charges, it was not an overly common occurrence for one partner to reprimand the other in a physical way.

Still, Kevin knew enough of the ways of the world to know that such things did happen, and he was suddenly glad that he had been privy to the confrontation in the other room. It made him feel less alienated, in fact even more accepted in this new yet strangely comforting environment. It was not only his sexual preference as the common factor that had landed him here. Apparently his desire to someday engage in an authoritative role with his partner was also shared by some of the others exiles as well. It had set him apart in the other world, but not any longer. Maybe there were men here who shared his predisposition. Fortunately, the brief discord had not disturbed Dallas, who was sleeping soundly for the first time that morning.

Looking up at Yancey, Kevin noticed the man hadn’t given any sign of having heard what transpired in the examining room next to the ward they were in. Could Yancey also be one of those who believed in physical discipline between partners or was he simply too much the professional? The nurse merely continued attending the patient presently in his care.

‘Admirably proficient to the end,’ thought Kevin as he turned his attention back to the young man lying on the cot in front of him.

Samuel appeared right after the noon meal. Considering he’d spent the greater part of his adult life living alone, he was open and sincere when conversing with both Lakota and Yancey. The doctor easily recognised the effort the man was putting forth to emerge himself in this new life and become a part of their developing community. Lakota was also impressed by the man’s willingness to work hard at any task assigned him.

“Hey, Wayne, I gotta ask you something.” Galen spoke somewhat breathlessly as he tried to keep up with the longer strides of the other man. They were taking scraps from the noon meal to the puppy they had been concealing for the past several days.


“I’ve b-been hearing some talk about Kelby m-missing a p-puppy. W-would you know anything about that?"

Wayne’s eyes opened wide, but he shrugged carelessly at Galen. “No!”  His voice was cold and invited no further discussion.

“You’re sure you didn’t take Kelby’s p-puppy by m-mistake?” Galen didn’t let his companion’s dismissive attitude deter him. He needed answers to quell his rising suspicions and although he was willing to give the other man the benefit of the doubt, he had his own involvement to think about.

“Look, you keep your mouth shut about the puppy, okay? You told me you’d keep it a secret! You promised!”

Galen stepped back in surprise at Wayne’s verbal attack. Were his worse fears being confirmed? “You did take Kelby’s p-puppy! And w-what’s w-worse; you knew it w-was his!” Galen accused, the hurt from the other man’s duplicity easily discernible on his young face.

Suddenly, Wayne felt tears prick at the back of his eyes. The whole situation was getting totally out of hand. He had acted on impulse. He hadn’t meant this to turn so ugly. He had no idea what he was going to do. 

For a moment, he considered running to Samuel and confessing the whole thing to him. Samuel seemed about the only friend he had, and Wayne thought if anyone could save him, it would be the ex-miner. But just as he started out, something held him back. ‘What would Samuel think? Would he be appalled as well?’ Wayne thought fearfully and shuddered.

“I only p-promised to keep it a secret if it w-was a surprise for Wes. I didn’t know the whole truth b-back then,” Galen sadly whispered out his explanation.

“Go to hell, Galen. You are a tattletale! I’ll never trust you again if you snitch on me. I swear I will never forgive you ...” Wayne’s voice trailed off. 

Galen was every bit as upset as Wayne was. “I never said I w-was gonna tell. Right now, I don’t know w-what to do.” His chest tightened as his mind raced to come up with a solution.

Wayne turned on his heels and stalked off, his back straight. He knew Galen would squeal. He could see the disgust in Galen’s eyes and if he were honest with himself, he felt the same disgust. Well, for the time being he was just going to put it out of his mind.

Galen watched the other man stomp off and threw himself down on the ground. The puppy coming over and nuzzling into him provided a small amount of comfort. “How can I tell Thomas about you?” he asked, lifting the little dog onto his chest. “I don’t w-want to tattle on Wayne and I don’t w-want to get into a b-bunch of trouble either, but Kelby’s really w-worried about you.”

He gently laid the little dog back in its hiding place. “I b-better get b-back to camp. I got other chores that need tending to.” Galen then hastily made his way back, hoping his absence hadn’t been noticed.

Yancey was unhurriedly finishing up some chores in the infirmary when he heard the tent flap opening behind him. He glanced up from where he was putting away the instruments used during the previous physical. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, please. Mitchell sent me to see the doctor,” Brodie explained, lifting up his left hand that was tightly gripped in his right one.

“Lakota has stepped out to search for herbs. Would you let me take care of that for you, Brodie?” Yancey requested in an easy friendly manner, noticing the blood on the front of the man’s shirt.

“Sure! You’re almost as good at this as the doctor is, right?” Brodie asked nervously. His thumb was throbbing and he didn’t think he could wait for the doctor’s return to have it cared for. “I mean, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, right?”

“Right to both questions,” Yancey assured the younger man. “If you’ll have a seat, please,” he invited, indicating the large piece of tree trunk, which all the earlier patients had used as a chair. “Let’s see what we have here.”

He gently examined, cleaned and bandaged the injured digit, quietly talking the entire time. “Let me guess, you’re working on the fence being built to enclose the pasture, right?”

“Yeah, and I’m not very good at it. Never did have much need to wield a hammer before coming here,” Brodie replied absently, concentrating on what the nurse was doing while trying not to squirm.

“Well, fortunately, this is not too serious.” Yancey kept an eye on his patient and seeing how jittery the young man was, decided to change the subject. “So, Brodie, how did you find the voyage here?”

“It wasn’t too bad. At least I wasn’t sick like some of the others.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t very ill either. But let me tell you, if I had to depend on my sea-faring abilities to make a living, I’m afraid I’d starve to death.” Yancey was pleased when the young man chuckled and relaxed slightly.

“There, all done! Now, as difficult as it might prove to be, try not to hit it again,” the nurse teased. “We’ll change that dressing when you come in for your physical in a couple of days; unless, of course, you get it wet or too dirty before then.” Yancey began tidying up and putting away the supplies he had been using while Brodie stood up to leave.

“Ah, I-I’d like to thank you for all your help,” Brodie stammered. He looked towards the curtain made from sheets that divided the Infirmary when a groan was heard from behind it. He turned quizzical eyes back to Yancey.

“You are more than welcome, Brodie. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve another patient to attend to.” Yancey smiled before dismissing the younger man and stepping behind the roughly improvised drapery.

Brodie peeked through the tiny opening to see what was going on. Gossip had been going around the small community about one of them being treated for prior opiate use and Brodie realised he was seeing the truth behind the rumours. He saw Yancey speaking softly to the two men in the other room. Brodie remembered them from previous occasions when they had crossed path; something that happened regularly in this small community of theirs. The blond man nodded in understanding, while the black-haired man writhed around on the cot and whimpered.

Even knowing he shouldn’t be spying; Brodie was unable to move away from the curtain. Yancey’s kindness, his sensitive, calming speech, his gentle touch had his unseen audience mesmerised. Brodie almost envied the man on the bed, as he found himself wishing it was he whom Yancey was touching. He forced himself to back away from the scene. He left the tent and with his mind racing, slowly made his way over to the mess hall.

It was late afternoon when Lakota finally sat down with a cup of tea and started writing out two new files. He began with Spyke Lambert, age twenty. A slight smile crossed the doctor’s handsome features as he recalled the young man’s rather unorthodox arrival for his morning exam. He appeared, slung over one of Aiden’s massive shoulders, and was deposited unceremoniously on the exam table. In the end; despite his initial reluctance, Spyke did manage to cooperate enough for Lakota to complete the physical. 

The doctor wrote the following: At five feet, eight inches this patient is slight in stature and build but proves to be in good health and has a very colourful vocabulary. He was quite embarrassed and reluctant though when asked to turn around. The reasoning soon became evident when the large red hand-prints on his backside came into view, caused of course by Spyke having given his partner a difficult time about coming in for his physical. Aiden had felt the need to impress upon the young fellow the importance of obeying the rules.

‘I must confess that I had initially been surprised at the three-way relationship which has so quickly developed between Aiden, Spyke and Larry. However, I am certain that Aiden Shea is man enough to handle two young lovers and keep them in line.” The doctor shook his head and smiled at his thoughts.

Samuel Boyd, age 30, six feet in height, ex-miner. This large well-built man of heavy musculature is of robust health. He has numerous black blemishes on his back and informed me that he’d worked in the mines when a boy in Ireland. There are also several additional scars to his arms and chest from burns as a result of his short stint as a blacksmith. A profession he apparently didn’t excel at. I am of the opinion that as reserved and mild-mannered as this man is, he may also be a force to be reckoned with. I doubt he would suffer fools gladly. I have seen him spending time with one of the Bentley twins and think the lad will be in good hands but had better learn to toe the line if he wants to maintain a peaceful relationship with Samuel.

Lakota opened the book in which Yancey had been recording his notes on Dallas. He carefully read each hour’s vitals and comments. Their poor patient was having a difficult time of it and this last twenty-four hours must have felt like a journey through hell. However, the young man was strong and had an excellent supporter in the person of Kevin. Lakota had little doubt about the future of that relationship.

The doctor had prepared some herbs to help Dallas’ stomach settle a bit. It was important they keep him hydrated and with the amount the young man was vomiting, that was becoming a concern. Lakota planned to have Yancey prepare a tea from the herbs and administer two drams each hour.

Lakota checked the time on his watch and sighed. It was time to fetch Gille. Last night’s emergency left him unavailable to instruct Gille on the chores the young man was to perform as his week’s punishment was drawing to a close.

The doctor knew he needed to get in an early bedtime as he was to relieve Yancey at midnight, and it was sure to be another long difficult night for both them and Dallas. He had made Kevin promise to sleep for at least six hours before returning to the infirmary, as the man would have exhausted himself if left to his own devices.

Lakota found Gille sitting quietly near the fire pit, seemingly deep in contemplation, shoulders hunched and keeping to himself. Lakota gave him a long-measured look and then suggested that if the younger man was ready, they should get over to the medical tent.

Gille flushed as he got to his feet. He gave a tiny nod of the head as he obediently followed the doctor and was surprised and pleased to once again feel that unexpected spring in his footsteps. Somehow, he didn’t feel like he’d really been punished at all! Their conversation throughout dinner each evening had been light, with both men being very aware of one another’s presence and silently acknowledging they would wait to be alone and have sufficient time before they allowed what they’d been feeling to show.

As Gille accompanied Lakota back to the infirmary, he stole a look at the big man’s strong features. He felt a shiver run down his spine. ‘What would it be like to belong to someone like him,’ Gille wondered. ‘He looks so serious and yes, even a little stern.’

Without saying much, Lakota explained what chores he wanted Gille to finish up. The younger man had already been shown how to clean and tidy the area; so he was left alone while the doctor went into the back of the tent to check on the patient there.

Gille was curious. He’d heard about someone requiring constant watching until he was through with the drugs. His curiosity got the better of him and he stole a quick look through the sheets that were hung to divide the examination room from the patient care area. A dark-haired young man lay shivering on a bed even though he was swaddled in blankets,

Lakota was talking softly to a blond man who had introduced himself during the earlier days on the island as Kevin. Gille correctly surmised the shivering patient was the one who had said his name was Dallas. The doctor was explaining that Dallas’ reactions were normal, and that Kevin was doing a good job of caring for him.

Dallas suddenly let out a pitiful moan and the sound of wetness and gas passing from his bowels filled the air.

‘The guy is crapping in his bed!’ Gille realised with horror. Though repulsed, he watched as Kevin and Lakota quickly cleaned up the sobbing man and changed his bedding. They’d obviously done this before, as neither appeared bothered by it.

Suddenly realising he should not be a witness to this, Gille pulled back and hurried over to complete the tasks Lakota had assigned to him. A moment later, Lakota came back to the exam room, went to the basin and washed up before looking over to Gille. “Let’s go for a walk now, okay?”

They walked in companionable silence until they had moved far enough from the campsite as not to be seen or overheard by anyone.

“Gille, do you know what confidentiality means?” Lakota softly asked.

“I think so,” the younger man replied. “It’s like a secret, right?”

“Yes, it is. But for a physician it is also a trust. A trust your patients give you that you will not talk about what you know of their health or any illness they may have or any personal information they might give you. There are exceptions made at times for immediate family or a special person the patient had designated as being in their trust, but even still some things are kept just between patient and doctor. Just as the things you told me during your physical exam are confidential, so is Dallas’ care and treatment. When you work in the infirmary, anything you see or hear must never be repeated outside. Nor should you be going out of your way to watch things which are not your business. How do you think Dallas would feel if he knew you’d been spying on him?”

Gille hung his head in shame. “You knew I was looking?”

“I saw the curtain moving,” Lakota explained without accusation.

“I’m sorry, Lakota. It won’t happen again.”

Lakota stopped walking and turned the anxious face towards him. “No, it will not. I will not tolerate my patient’s privacy being compromised at any time. If I ever find you doing so again, you will think the sanctions given you by the council are a picnic.”

Unshed tears welled in the younger man’s eye as he feared he’d lost his chance at forming a relationship with this man. “I understand. I’ll go back to my tent now. You won’t have to worry about me talking.” As he turned to go, Gille felt a hand on his shoulder.

“I was hoping we could continue our walk, if you’d like to that is,” Lakota softy invited.

Gille brightened visibly. “You’re not angry with me?”

“No, Gille, I am not angry with you. Just remember what we discussed, and everything will be fine.” Lakota looked out over the ocean. The sun was getting low in the sky and colouring the horizon in shades of pink. “I have always loved watching the sunset over the water. It is especially nice to do so while in the company of a handsome man.”

Gille looked down at himself uncomfortably. They’d both discarded their shoes to walk barefoot in the sand so at least he didn’t have that to embarrass him, but his clothes were still tattered and threadbare. He looked exactly like what he was, a poor man. What could possibly motivate Lakota to call him handsome?

“You are, you know!” Lakota stated.

Gille started. “I’m what?”

“Handsome, of course. Very handsome as a matter of fact,” Lakota repeated with sincerity. He reached for the younger man’s fair-skinned hand and drew it into his own larger dark one. “I am very attracted to you, Gille, more so than I’ve been to anyone in a very long time. But we are living in a very small community and we need to be careful. All of us do. We will be here for a very long time, so it’s important we don’t do anything rash that we might regret in the future. I do not want to make a mistake with you. I am looking for a committed relationship with someone who wants the same. I know such a commitment cannot be formed in a day. If you have no interest in a permanent relationship, then I will take this no further.”

Gille looked into the dark eyes of the man before him and felt his heart squeeze. Hardly daring to believe how lucky he was, he was equally gripped with fear that this wondrous chance would pass him by. Grabbing courage in both hands, he spoke as firmly as he could. “I don’t know much about relationships, but I do know I’m attracted to you too. I would like very much to have someone in my life who will stay with me and love me as much as I love him. I’ve been on my own since I was twelve years old and I think I’m very tired of being alone and scared in this world.”

Lakota drew the younger man to him, wrapping his arms protectively around the lithe body. “If you would let me, Gille, I would like very much to keep you from being alone and scared anymore.” This said he tipped his head and kissed him deeply. When they finally broke the kiss, both men were left breathless and aroused. 

Gille tilted his hips to press his erection against that of the larger man. Lakota in turn grasped the smaller man’s buttocks and pulled him tightly against his raging response. His body was screaming out to further the contact, but a saner part of his brain won out and forced him to pull back.

“Too fast!” he said breathlessly. “We need to take things a bit more slowly and be sure we know what we’re doing.”

“I know what I’m doing, Lakota,” Gille replied. “And I want this! Maybe I’m crazy but I know this is right and I feel we are meant to be together.” He dropped to his knees and reached up to undo his soon-to-be lover’s trousers. He pulled the heavy twill pants down and fumbled to release the string holding up the soft cotton under drawers.

Lakota felt no desire to stop this onslaught and he gasped as he felt Gille take his hardened member into his mouth. Although he suspected the young man had never done it before, Gille instinctively seemed to know just what to do in order to please him and Lakota soon found himself thrusting into the moist warmth surrounding him. Within minutes, he felt his balls drawing up and the shudder that accompanied his impending climax. He tried to pull out but Gille held fast and soon he was spurting into the waiting mouth. After taking the time to savour every drop, Gille let the softening penis slip from his lips. 

Lakota bent and drew the younger man up right again. “Oh God, Gille, you’re incredible!” He kissed him deeply, tasting his own seed in his lover’s mouth. Lakota reached between them and quickly had Gilles pants undone and pushed to his ankles.

‘Tomorrow,’ he thought, ‘this beautiful young man will have some decent clothing including underwear. Nathan has promised to take care of it.’ He grasped the hard penis in his hand and caressed it firmly before dropping to his own knees and pulling it into his mouth.

Gille let out a wail of pleasure. No one had ever done this for him before and he could not believe the feeling. He felt embarrassed when he found himself coming only seconds later as he’d wanted to last long enough to enjoy this pleasure as much as possible. As soon as Lakota released him, he fell to his knees with his lover and the two men toppled over into the sand to lay side by side, sated and happy.

After they had recovered from their post coital bliss, Lakota drew Gille to him and lay gentle kisses on his lover’s face. “We need to talk, Tehila. I had planned to discuss this with you before we went so far but,” he laughed, “we seem to have moved a little faster than I had anticipated.”

His voice then took on a more serious tone.  “Gille, I have very strong beliefs in the way a relationship between two men should be conducted. I believe greater harmony can be found when each member of the partnership has specific roles. I am a leader, Gille, and I need to have a partner who is willing to follow my direction and accept that there will be rules of behaviour and consequences if those rules are broken.”

Gille’s eyes were wide open, taking in the words of this wonderful man he’d come to trust in such a short time. “Consequences?” he asked.

“Yes, Tehila, consequences. I would apply discipline, which would include spanking if I felt it was warranted. I want to love you, care for you, and protect you. Gille, I would never harm you or do anything without your consent. However, once given I will take the responsibility to care for you and discipline you when necessary.  You would be mine and I would be yours exclusively.” He paused to watch Gille’s face, looking for fear or discomfort. Seeing none there he continued, “we can discuss the rules and expectations we both want for our relationship later, but I need to know now what you think of this.” Lakota held his breath. He wanted this to work. He knew he was quickly falling in love with this beautiful young man and he needed to know Gille could live with the structure he would maintain and the discipline he would administer.

“I think I like the sound of this, Lakota. I have been alone so long with no one to help me learn what is right. It’s what got me in trouble and how I ended up here. It would be good to let someone else take on that responsibility. I’m not sure that I would like the discipline part but I know you will be fair and kind so I will trust you to do what is right.” He smiled. “I also like what you were calling me. Tehila? What does it mean?”

Lakota laughed. “It means beloved, which you are.”


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