Chapter Ten

Larry willed his stomach to settle down and accept the breakfast he’d just put in it. It was time for his physical and definitely not something he was looking forward to. ‘I shouldn’t have eaten,’ he mentally reprimanded himself.

Lakota heard a soft knocking against the tent pole of the infirmary. Upon opening the flap, he found the young ex-marine standing there. “Good morning, Larry. You are right on time. Please come in.”

“Thanks, Doctor. Where do you want me?”

Lakota smiled. “Normally I’d ask you to take a chair. However, we are sadly lacking furniture so if you would kindly take a log, we can begin.” He pointed to the upturned log by the crate being used in lieu of a desk..

The doctor’s sense of humour took some of the nervousness away and Larry laughed as he did what was requested of him.

“I like to begin by asking you a few questions about your past history; illnesses or injuries you may have suffered. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Sure, you’re in charge here.”

Lakota took a writing tablet and pen with ink in hand. “How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-seven years old.”

“How would you describe your general state of health?”

“Not bad. I really have nothing major to complain about.”

“Nothing major, but perhaps something minor you are having problems with?” Lakota asked kindly.

“I do suffer from a sensitive stomach from time to time when under stress, if that counts. I get anxious and then I can’t eat or hold down a meal.”

“Do you become ill with this nervous stomach or suffer from bowel difficulties?”

“Well, a little of both, I guess.” Larry didn’t like admitting this.

“Has this been a problem since arriving on the island?” Lakota was making careful note of each of Larry’s answers.

Larry hesitated for a moment before answering but realising it would be better if he was up front with the doctor, he honestly replied, “Yes.”

“I see. So, this has happened more than once?” Lakota took a moment to study the younger man’s face and noted his nervousness.

“It only happened once since I got here, but I’ve had this problem since I was a kid.”

“However, you did manage to function as a military man, so I assume this has not been extremely debilitating?”

“No. I’m pretty good at hiding it and I thought I did so here, but Aiden caught me out.”

Lakota laughed softly. “I’d rather you not hide these things from me, Larry, but I do understand your need to be discrete.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate your understanding.”

“Now what about past illness or injury; anything of note?”

“I got shot a couple of times, but the wounds were taken care of right there on the battlefield, so to speak.”

“Where were these injuries?” the doctor asked

“The first occurred when I was in the infantry. I was sixteen at the time and was struck with an arrow in my right shoulder. The second was a bullet wound in my left leg a few years later.”

“Do you suffer from any problems now because of them?”

“No, they healed up really fine.”

“Very well.” Lakota put down the tablet and indicated the crate he kept padded and covered to act as an examination table. “Let’s proceed with the exam. If you would remove your shirt and sit up here, please”

This was the moment Larry was dreading. He didn’t like the idea of disrobing in front of this man in case he saw the scars, but with shaking hands he did as the doctor ordered.

Lakota could see the younger man turn pale and shake as he disrobed. He tried to do what he could to make this as comfortable as possible while Larry kept his eyes glued to the floor as his examination began. “I’ll be as quick about this as possible, Larry. I know it’s a bit chilly in here but at least we have this little pot-belly of Aiden’s to heat the tent up some.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind the cold.”

Lakota proceeded to tip the young man’s face up to look into his eyes. “Let me just check your head and neck first.” He made his exam by quickly looking into his patient’s ears and mouth. He felt the glands in his neck then reached for his stethoscope to listen to his chest. “I’m going to listen to your heart and your lungs now, if you would take a deep breath and hold it for me.”

Larry closed his eyes so Lakota couldn’t see the trepidation showing in them, but did as the doctor instructed him to do and took a deep breath.

Lakota listened carefully to the healthy sounds in Larry’s chest then gently turned the young man so he could put the stethoscope to his back. As he did his breath caught momentarily. Larry’s back was crisscrossed with scars. Though he could see they were years old, the lad had obviously been badly beaten at one time and from what he could see, the scars disappeared into his trousers. His hand gently traced one of the deepest scars. “Do these trouble you at all, lad?” he asked gently.

Larry felt the tears well up at the gentleness in Lakota’s voice. No one had ever asked him that question with such kindness before. He swallowed the lump in his throat and mumbled, “they don’t bother me physically. They’re just a constant reminder of what a bastard my old man was.”

Lakota looked at the emotional young man before him. “No father has the right to beat his son thus. Any decent man would be proud to have a son such as you, Larry.”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But you see, he blamed me for my mother’s death and for a long time so did I. Then I met a man who convinced me it wasn’t my fault, so I try to put it out of my mind.”

“Your mother died in childbirth, did she?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Lawrence, no child is responsible for the death of their mother in childbirth. I am very glad to know you realise that now.” Lakota gave the young man a reassuring smile. “Are you up to finishing this?”

Larry now understood what Aiden meant about how perceptive and gentle this man was. Although he was still self-conscious, for the first time he wasn’t ashamed about the removal of his clothing in front of someone. “Certainly, what do you want me to do?”

“Would you lie back so I can check your abdomen. Undo and lower your trousers, please.”

Larry did as he was told and tried to hold back the blush he could feel creeping up his face.

“Am I correct in assuming you have experienced anal sex?” Getting an embarrassed nod in response, the doctor continued, “then a rectal exam will be necessary in order to assess any possible scarring.”

Lakota preceded with the examination and finding nothing amiss, announced his patient fit and healthy. He gave Larry an herbal mixture for settling his stomach should it become upset, and then sent the young man on his way.

Larry was very pleased to see Aiden waiting for him outside the medical tent. During the examination, which went smoother than Larry would ever have expected, his thoughts kept drifting to the big Scotsman who helped set his mind at ease and made him feel so secure. Larry realised Aiden also made him feel something else he hadn’t felt for a long time; lust!

Larry wasn’t one to go for a quick carnal encounter just to satisfy his sexual urges. He loved the romance of being courted and finally seduced but had a feeling that where Aiden was concerned, he would have to make the first move.

‘I have to be very careful,’ he thought. ‘The last thing I want to the man to turn away any notion of a relationship down the road. On the other hand, I really want him to know I find him sexually attractive.’

He smiled as he approached Aiden and suggested a walk down a path that would provide some privacy so they could discuss his doctor visit. He was pleased when Aiden complied.

They found a secluded spot away from camp and settled themselves down on a bed of leaves, using a tree trunk for a backrest. As Larry spoke, he slowly moved his hand to cover one of Aiden’s. Looking down, he was struck on how his hand looked like that of a boy’s compared to the Scot’s.

“Aiden,” Larry cleared the apprehension out of his throat. “I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me since we landed. You helped me with my irritable stomach and listened without judgement as I told you of my childhood. When you held me yesterday, I felt an urge I haven’t felt in a long time.”

“And just what ’twould that be, lad?” Aiden asked the young man, who by now was rubbing the top of his hand in a sign of affection.

“This,” Larry stated as he leaned in and gave the big man sitting beside him a gentle kiss. Then before he changed his mind, he determinedly lifted his hand off Aiden’s to let it drift along the edge of the big man’s kilt and slip underneath to grasp hold of Aiden’s huge member. He wrapped his hand around the soft organ and began to gently tug on it until Aiden responded to the touch.

Larry gasped at the size of Aiden’s full erection. As he continued to manipulate the large shaft, Larry couldn’t help but have doubts of his body’s ability to accommodate the bigger man, should the opportunity ever present itself.

He looked into Aiden’s eyes for any sign of disapproval or anger but hearing the groans of pleasure coming from the object of his desire, Larry felt he was on the right track. He was sure of it when he felt Aiden’s hand move to undo the front of his pants and slip inside to encircle his hardening penis.

“Oh, God!” Larry moaned as the big hand encompassed his shaft and with a gentleness no one would suspect from such a huge man, Aiden matched Larry stroke for stroke until they both cried out their release.

Larry removed his hand from Aiden’s manhood and relaxed against the older man’s wide, muscular chest. However, Aiden didn’t dislodge his hand from Larry’s trousers as quickly. Instead he kept it there for a few more teasing seconds, making the young man squirm in anticipation.

“Hear this, laddie. I dinnae think ye quite finished the job. Ye ken I like a mon who finishes what he starts, so how about ye moving that bonnie mouth of yers down and cleaning up the mess.”

The command convinced Larry that if a relationship were to progress any further, Aiden would be the one in charge. It did not bother him in the least. As a matter of fact, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Blushing deeply with excitement, Larry did what he was told. He lifted the heavy kilt out of his way before letting his tongue roam over Aiden’s manhood and upper thighs, making sure he lapped up every last drop. The clean, manly smell of soap and sea water spurred him on.

Aiden placed his hand on Larry’s back, rubbing small circles of encouragement and approval of the proficient job the young man was doing.

“Now, laddie, ’twas a verra nice way of expressing your gratitude and I appreciate the gesture, but I think ye realise who will be making any advances from now on.”

Laying his head back down on the Scotsman’s chest, Larry replied he understood completely. He then took the chance to ask, “do you think, I mean is there any prospect of there being a next time for us?”

“Hmmm, Larry, ’tis sure I am we’ll get to know each other verra soon.” Aiden softly murmured a promise for the future.

Larry remained silent for a few moments before asking another question. “Did I do anything wrong by doing what I did? I want you to know, Sir…..uh …Aiden, I don’t usually act so boldly, but I just had to show you how attracted I was to you.”

“Och, Larry, ye dinnae do wrong at all. Dinnae take me reluctance to immediately move to the second stage in our relationship as a sign that there’s no future for us. I noticed ye eyeing me and I admit to having watched ye as well and liking what I saw in ye verra much and if I didn’t find ye attractive as well, I wouldna of let ye do what ye did. ’Tis just I’m the type of mon who likes to think things out, so if ye dinnae mind being patient, there’s a verra good chance things will develop betwixt us. But, Larry, ’tis one thing I want ye to ken.”

“What’s that, Aiden?”

“If a relationship comes about, I will expect ye to follow a set of rules I lay out for ye and if ye disobey, I will discipline you. Are ye in agreement with that?”

“Aiden, you know I am. I need structure and rules to survive and I understand the consequences of bad behaviour. If and when we move to the next stage, I will give myself over to you completely, body and soul. I will be very proud to become your partner.”

Aiden chuckled at the young man’s quick response. He must have been thinking about it for a long time now and was ready with his answer should the question arise. He ruffled the young ex-marine’s hair before pushing him off his chest.

“Aye, ’tis grand then! Now we’ve got that settled, why dinnae we get ye cleaned up so we can get on with our tasks for the day?”

Larry turned a deep shade of red as he realised part of his lower body was still covered with semen.

Aiden, with one smooth move, stood up while lifting Larry over his shoulder at the same time and carried him to the river.  He walked into the middle and after giving Larry a none too gentle swat on his behind, dropped him into the waist-deep cold water.

Aiden frowned slightly when Larry splashed under his kilt. Then he reached down and with as much effort as one would lift a child, scooped Larry out of the water. Once more heaving the slightly shorter man over his shoulder, Aiden gave Larry a couple more swats on the seat of his wet pants.

“So ye think yer funny, laddie?”

“I was just making sure I cleaned off any spots I may have missed,” Larry joked in return.

“With that talented tongue of yers I doubt if ye missed any.” With one final smack, Aiden placed Larry on his feet and with shouts of laughter, the bigger man chased the younger one back to camp.

With the day well underway, Kevin wanted to get a certain job out of the way before beginning his morning assignment. He approached Thad who was busy clearing away the debris left from the first meal of the day. He hadn’t had much to do with the younger man, but his ears had pricked up when he’d heard the man was, or had been, a barber.

Kevin wasn’t vain but he had been brought up in a society which frowned on hair that went past the collar. His new acquaintance, Dallas had hair long enough to pull back and tie at the base of his neck, but Kevin just felt ill at ease with the length of his own hair.

“Thad,” he said abruptly. “I was wondering if you could see your way clear to cutting my hair?”

“Kevin, isn’t it?” Thad answered pleasantly. “I’d be happy to. Do you have any particular style in mind?”

“I’d prefer short back and sides,” Kevin replied. “Easy maintenance.”

Dallas, who had been hanging around the mess hall, snorted. “With this sun you’re going to be sunburned down your neck,” he commented.

“That’s what hats are for,” Kevin shot back.

About half an hour later, Kevin left Thad feeling a lot better. He grabbed up two buckets of hot water and carried them out of the tent. Both he and Dallas were part of today’s laundry team.

While enjoying their noon meal, many of the men discussed what had been accomplished that morning and made plans for the afternoon. 

Having finished, Troy listened closely to the conversations around him. The topic seemed to be about building a more secure and permanent housing area. Remembering the beautiful clearing he had found several days ago, he decided to speak up.

“The first day we were here, I found a place that might be ideal for our purpose. It is mostly clear of trees, has running water nearby and looks like there might even be a pond to fish in,” he informed those sitting near him.

Larry turned to him. “Maybe you can show me where it is while the rest are finishing their lunch?”

Thomas looked up interested. “I’d like to join you to look at this land, if you don’t mind.”

Troy nodded acceptance. “It isn’t really very far. Just over a hill a little past where we have been getting our water. I would be happy to show anyone who is interested.”

“I too, would like to get a look at it and the surrounding area,” Preston stated before adding his reason, “to check out lumber availability.”

Larry got up, cleaned off his plate and stood by the entrance waiting as several of the men did likewise and got up to follow.

“It would be to the benefit of all the men to find a permanent place to live. I will have to pass though on this trip as I have a patient to see,” Lakota said.

“I will also have to pass as I am the good doctor’s afternoon victim,” Walker teased.

“I’ll be staying back here to assist Lakota,” Yancey informed the group.

Nathan looked undecided for a moment, then his eyes fell on Gille and he spoke up. “I’ll stay behind and see about doing more in the work area I’m in the process of setting up. About time I got down to repairing some of the garments the men are wearing. It appears the sea crossing and all the harshness of the journey has taken its toll on our clothes. I believe there are several of us here who are in dire need of some mending as well as new outfits. Please don’t any of you hesitate to come to me now that I have most my working tools and material set up. I would eventually like to have a record of everyone’s sizes.”

Nathan’s voice was light and his eyes swept across a good number of people, so that no one felt singled out. In fact, a number of voices called out gratefully and Gille heaved a sigh of relief.

Jordan heard Wes hurriedly asking to have Nathan repair his still very serviceable shirt and wished he’d spoken up first. Nathan smiled and shook his head at Wes, but his eyes were kind as he took in Jordan’s threadbare outfit and he casually told Walker’s helper to drop by later for measurements. The tailor hoped Gille and Raythe would also consider his offer of new clothing.

Quentin decided to stay behind as well, to catch up on some chores he had to finish, as did the majority of the remaining men. “But why don’t you go along, Mitchell?” Quentin inquired.

“I think I just might do that,” Mitchell replied, getting to his feet.

Larry looked around to see if Aiden was one of the men joining in the exploration. Ever since their encounter in the woods earlier, the younger man could not take his mind off the large Scotsman and vowed to take advantage of every opportunity to be close to him.

“I’ll be tagging along to get a lay of the land and decide on the dimensions of the various buildings we’ll be needing to put up,” Aiden said.

“Aiden, I think we should bring along a couple of rifles in case we run into another boar or some other savage beast,” Thomas suggested to the large Scot.

Walker turned to the two men. “That’s a good idea, Thomas. If you and Larry will follow me, I’ll get extra ammunition out of the cabinet.”

Spyke glanced over at Galen. “Are you going to explore, Galen? I’ll go if you come along.”

“Can I go, Thomas?”

Thomas looked at the eager face of the young man. “Yes, you may come as long as you stay with the group. No exploring off on your own!”

“You coming, Kelby?” Galen invited.

Kelby stared up from where he sat in quiet contemplation for a moment before he got to his feet. “Sure, I’ll come,” he answered with a smile and scurried over to Galen.

Wayne wasn’t feeling at all adventurous. His hand was aching again and although the pain medication helped, it also upset his stomach. He decided to take advantage of what appeared would be a quiet afternoon and have a nap. He said as much to Samuel who encouraged him to do just that.

Making a quick decision after realising he would be at loose-ends without Wayne to talk to, Samuel raised his voice to reach the community’s tailor. “Nathan, if you don’t mind, I’ll be glad to help you complete your workstation.”

Nathan immediately agreed and the two of them exited the tent to scavenge for the materials needed. Wes followed faithfully behind very much like a puppy. He had every intention of being the first to be attended to by the island’s resident tailor.

“Dallas and I will stay behind to help with the dishes,” Kevin announced much to Dallas’ chagrin. “Thad and Jordan may be shorthanded with Walker busy elsewhere.”

With Troy and Larry in the lead, Thomas took the rear end of the expedition. He wanted to keep an eye on the group, particularly Galen. Aiden accompanied Thomas, each with rifles in hand and keeping an eye out for any wild animals lurking in the woods

Raythe watched the men heading away from the camp and got up to follow them, silently trailing along behind the group. His little puppy ran ahead to nip at its mother, who followed at Levi’s heels for a moment before she was shooed away. The tiny dog quickly returned to its favourite person’s side when he saw Raythe venture off in another direction.

Troy led the group of ten men towards the river. Fifteen minutes later, he paused as they topped the hill, giving them all a moment to appreciate the view before leading them onward. The land before them was lush and green, nestled in a shallow valley and protected on all sides by magnificent tall trees. The low rolling hills on the left bank were spotted with a variety of stately trees and firs while the right was marked by tall handsome oak, old and sturdy and strong. 

Larry kept gazing around, amazed at the beauty of the place. “You sure were fortunate in finding this place, Troy.”

Thomas smiled when he saw the wide-open space beyond. It would be perfect farming land with the river and pond to ensure an adequate water supply. ‘It feels right; it feels like this could be home,’ he thought.

“Do you like it, Thomas?” Galen quietly asked as he stared in wonder at the breathtaking scene before him.
“I am very pleased indeed, Galen! This is a place where we can build and be secure. It is also very beautiful,” Thomas responded to the young man

Kelby’s mouth dropped open at the marvellous sight. “It’s wonderful,” he murmured, barely able to speak so enthralled was he with the beauty of the place.

“My God, but it’s a sight for sore eyes,” Mitchell whispered, taking in the spectacular view.

Larry sided up to Aiden. “I think we’ve finally found a home for everyone, don’t you?”

“Aye, ‘tis a verra bonnie place, lad.”

When they came to the centre of the very large open space, they stopped and looked around, each thinking their own thoughts.

Spyke ran ahead and caught up to Preston. “Hey! How high do you think those trees are?”

“Good and high,” Preston teasingly answered. “Looks like an abundant supply of tall, straight trees,” he commented. “I can see where it’s going to take a solid three weeks and several able-bodied men to cut and strip the large number of logs we are going to need, but it is definitely doable.”

Larry approached the lumberjack. “I’ll round up some volunteers for you, Preston, if you’d like?”

“Thank you, Larry,” Preston replied. “I sure hope we have enough equipment for all the heavy work ahead of us,” he muttered.

Spyke walked over to Kelby and Galen. Checking to see that no one was paying attention to them, he whispered, “I bet if someone climbed up one of those trees, they could see what’s beyond this place.”

Kelby turned to look at Spyke then at one of the trees. “Yeah, I bet they could. Why don’t you climb up one?”

“Maybe some other time,” Spyke answered. “You wanna try it, Galen?”

“Sure!” was the enthusiastic response as Galen headed for the nearest tree. He studied it for a moment, figured out the best way to tackle the climb and hauled himself up to the first branch thick enough to hold his weight.

“Galen!” Thomas shouted. “Get down from there.”

“B-but I have experience in climbing, Thomas. I’m really good at it.” Galen responded as he reached for another branch, firmly believing his skill was all that was needed.

“You heard me, young man. Now do what you’re told before you fall and get badly injured.”

Galen was about to argue but quickly reconsidered. He wasn’t about to question his mentor’s authority in front of the others, thereby possibly diminishing the older man’s position in the community. He reluctantly jumped down, sighing his disappointment as he did so. He glanced at his two friends and shrugged his feigned indifference.

 “Aiden, what sort of time-line are we looking at? Is there any chance of a lodge being built before the cooler weather sets in?” Thomas inquired, once satisfied that all were safely on the ground.

“Well, we canna have all the men working on construction as ye’ll be needing some for planting, right?”

“Yes, we have fields to plough and will need to get seed in the ground soon or we’ll not have a harvest,” was the response.

“Aye, and with that in mind, I dinnae see us moving in anytime afore the fall,” Aiden explained. “Mind ye, with a little luck we may be in a permanent building afore the snow flies.”

“Okay then, I’ll only recruit a few volunteers for here so most the others can work in the fields. I don’t think we need that many men to cut down trees, do we?” Larry inquired.

“If we want them ready in good time, I will need at least six very strong men plus myself,” Preston insisted. “And two of those men will have to be Aiden and Brock.”

“Who else could I ask, Aiden?”  Larry inquired of the Scotsman. “Do you have any suggestions?”

“Well now, let’s see, lad. We already have Preston, Mitchell, yerself and me, so what do ye think about asking Brock, Samuel, and Hendrik? ’Twould make a mighty team of seven, I’d be thinking!”

“Okay, sir, I’ll do that as soon as we get back to camp. That’s providing I can find Brock as he’s always in the woods hunting and trapping.” Larry waved as he ran off with plans to get back to the campsite as quickly as possible.

“I’ll be needing a wee bit o’time to do some measuring and get a design on paper.” Aiden stood with his hands on his hips, gazing contentedly at the meadow before him and forming a picture in his mind of the lodge they would all build together. 

Thomas was delighted with the enthusiasm he was hearing. “I’ll be very happy to see us have a solid shelter from nature by the end of summer. Frankly though, I’m afraid it might not happen until well into autumn.”

“Ne’er doubt what a group of determined, hard-working men can accomplish, my friend,” Aiden stated as he slapped the other man on the back.

Early evening found Lakota sitting at the crate he’d begun to think of as his desk and making notes on the medical examinations he’d performed that day. Yancey had been a godsend, assisting with the assessments and cleaning the instruments between patients. The doctor was pleased to find that his nurse had been trained in antiseptic procedures and had set up a washstand for their use.

Lakota smiled when he once again thought of Aiden and Larry together, as they seemed meant for each other. Were he within reach, Lakota would have liked to have seen a belt taken to the backside of Larry’s father.

Walker receiving a clean bill of health had not surprised the doctor. The wealthy, well-educated man had obviously taken excellent care of himself.

The doctor put away his writing materials, got to his feet and stretched. Another day was almost over, and he wondered what tomorrow would bring. 


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