Chapter Twelve

Wayne would look back on his actions and blame his pain for making him do what he did. Hadn’t the pain cause by his homesickness and the pain from his injured hand depleted his ability to think straight? Boredom with having little to do hadn’t helped either.

He thought back to when all those puppies had been adopted and he’d been left desperately wanting one of his own. Suddenly overwhelmed by his feelings of yearning and despair, seeing one of the puppies left unattended easily became his downfall. He scooped up the little creature and ran off without anyone even noticing. He raced around to the back of the mess hall, tore past the beginnings of Walker’s vegetable garden and into the woods in search of a secluded spot to keep his pilfered prize away from prying eyes.

Troy sighed and looked at his partner with concern. Levi was sitting on a log, not too far from the infirmary where they were waiting for Lakota to be available.

The doctor appeared outside of the tent and Troy turned back to his partner. “Wait for me, okay? This shouldn’t take too long and then I’ll be right back.” His eyes narrowed warningly. “And you had better still be sitting here. Understand?” He didn’t want his young husband to disappear in order to avoid having the required medical.

Levi radiated unhappiness but he nodded acceptance. Troy patted the younger man on the shoulder before approaching the patiently waiting doctor.

“Good morning, Troy. Please come in. Will Levi be joining me later?” Lakota asked as he showed his patient into the tent.

Smiling easily at Lakota, Troy glanced back at his partner. “Yes, he will be. I’m afraid that he won’t be the happiest of patients but I promise, he will co-operate.”

Lakota indicated a log in front of his desk and sat on the edge of another crate in a very relaxed fashion. “I am quite versed in recalcitrant patients. I’m sure we’ll do just fine. Will you remain for his examination?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, I think he would be much more at ease with me here.”

“It is fine with me as long a Levi is comfortable with it. How long have the two of you been in a committed relationship?” he asked.

Troy nodded. “For almost a year now, officially.”

“Before I perform a physical examination, I like to talk with my patients about their past medical history and any current or ongoing issues they may have. It is my habit to be frank and I hope you believe that whatever I am told remains totally confidential. However, it is in yours and your partner’s best interest that as your physician, I know these details.”

Troy nodded his acceptance. “Ask away, we have nothing to hide.”

Lakota took up a book and pencil to record his notes. “Have you suffered from any past illness or injury that affects you today?”

“No, nothing that I can think of.”

“How would you describe your general state of health, any complaints of problems?”

“My mother always said I was a disgustingly healthy boy, although I can get headaches if I strain my eyes too much. I have some glasses that I keep for reading which seem to help.”

“I advise your being extremely careful with those glasses. I cannot imagine how we’d get them replaced. That is one of my many concerns here.”

“I will.”

 “How old are you?”

“I will be thirty years old next February.”

Lakota made note of that in his paper. He paused and looked up at Troy, meeting his eyes. “Do you and Levi perform anally penetrative intercourse in your relationship?”

Hazel eyes blinked at the forwardness, but Troy gave a wry half-grin as he replied. “Yes, yes we do.”

“Do you alternate in this or does one of you exclusively perform the penetration?” Lakota spoke in a very matter of fact manner, taking notes along the way.

Troy shrugged as he replied. “Well, Levi prefers to be penetrated, so to speak, but we’ve been known to alternate sometimes.”

“It is not required but it is advisable then that I perform a rectal examination on both of you. I suggest this to all men receiving penetrative intercourse. Would you agree to this?”

For just a moment, Troy thought of refusing, but then thoughts of fairness as well as safety entered his mind and he gave a mental sigh. “Yes,” he replied simply.

The rest of Troy’s exam went by quickly and he was found to be in very good health. Although the rectal exam was uncomfortable, it was over in just a minute and Lakota handled it very professionally.

When Troy had all his clothing back where it belonged, he gave the doctor a concerned look. “I hate to say it, but my oh-so-sweet-natured love out there is hardly likely to be very co-operative with this type of examination.”

Lakota gave him a smile. “Not to worry. I’m sure between the two of us we can get him through it.”

“Oh, I’m sure we can. I just wanted to warn you that our relationship can be bit non-traditional, so to speak.” Troy hesitated for a moment before continuing. “I just don’t want you to be too shocked if I step in. If anyone should know the details, it is our physician. Well, let’s just see how things present themselves, shall we?”

Lakota nodded. “I am a man of the world, Troy, and a lover of men as well. I have seen and participated in what would be considered non-traditional relationships before today. You can also believe that what is shared between us will remain here.”

Troy nodded his thanks and walked through the entrance of the tent. He was very happy to see his partner sitting right where he had left him. “Levi,” he called, and when the blond head looked up, he motioned him over. The young man was obviously reluctant but came obediently enough and they entered the tent together.

Lakota smiled warmly at the younger man Troy was guiding into the infirmary. “Good morning, Levi. Please take a seat. I’d just like to get some basic information from you before we begin your physical.”

Levi hopped up onto the improvised table and leaned against Troy’s side when the man stood next to him.

“How old are you, Levi?” the doctor asked.

“Twenty,” the younger man answered softly.

Lakota proceeded with the standard questions and Levi answered quietly, looking to Troy periodically for reassurance. “Have you been treated in the past for any ongoing medical problems?” the doctor inquired.

Green eyes refused to meet his as the young man silently shook his head in the negative. Troy cleared his throat meaningfully and Levi glanced at him with apprehension.

“Either you tell or I do,” the older man firmly stated.

Lakota gave Levi a reassuring look. “You can tell me anything, Levi. I promise not to judge or tell anyone else.”

Levi sighed and finally answered. “I-I shake sometimes. I don’t have episodes very often, but they have been happening ever since I was in my early teens. My parents took me to all kinds of doctors, but they couldn’t seem to help, no matter what they did.” The young man folded his arms about himself protectively and Troy quickly wrapped his own arms around him as well.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you, love. I promise,” Troy offered his reassurance.

“Did any of the doctors use the word ‘seizures’ to describe the shakes as you call it?”

“Yeah, that’s what some of them called it. I don’t always shake though. Sometimes I just can’t remember what happens for a while. I sometimes come-to with no clue how I got somewhere. Troy always keeps a close eye on me now because I’ve hurt myself a few times.”

“I see. Just when did these episodes begin and how frequently do you have them?” Lakota asked kindly

Troy added his own thoughts. “No one could ever tell us what started them, though there have been speculations everywhere from a birth defect to evil spirits.” His snort showed just how much contempt he held for this last theory. “The really obvious seizures are only a few times a year, but the ones where he just loses consciousness are a bit more common; every couple of months or so.”

“So you have had these seizures since you were a child?”

Levi shook his head. “No, only since I was about thirteen or so.”

“Did you suffer any head trauma prior to the beginning of the seizures?” Lakota asked while making notes of all they were saying.

Levi tilted his head in thought for a moment. “Umm, well I did fall off a horse when I was twelve,” he finally responded.

Troy’s eyebrow rose. “The way I heard it, you were thrown from the horse because it was the biggest monster your father had in the stables and you were determined to ride him no matter what anyone said. I certainly wasn’t there then, but your mother once told me you didn’t wake up for an entire day.”

“I would say that you can point the cause to that trauma. However, I will also say you really are fortunate with what I diagnose as epilepsy is quite mild compared to some I have seen,” Lakota interjected.

“I know,” Levi agreed. “But it still isn’t easy. It was just horrible before Troy came along.”

“Then you are a fortunate young man indeed to have someone like Troy in your life to help you,” Lakota pleasantly commented. “Tell me, have you ever noticed if you have an episode after some particular event? Does something happen that triggers the seizure?”

“Bright light shining or reflecting into my eyes can sometimes trigger it, but that is about it.”

“And large amounts of stress for extended periods can trigger the large ones too,” Troy put in. He and the doctor exchanged a concerned look over the young man’s head. If this situation wasn’t stressful then nothing was.

Lakota put down the notebook and picked up his stethoscope. “Well let’s get on with the examination, shall we?  We’ll start with your upper body, if you’ll please take off your shirt.”

Levi sighed but silently removed the article of clothing as requested.

Lakota proceeded to examine the young man, looking into his eyes and mouth, and listening to his heart and breathing. He gave Levi a reassuring smile. “Everything looks good so far. Can you remove your trousers and lay down on your back for me please?”

Levi looked at him with large and startled eyes. “What for?”

“Not to worry, Levi. I just need to finish examining you. This includes checking your abdomen and genitals.  Also, since you are involved in a relationship where anal penetrative sex is involved, I need to give you a rectal exam,” Lakota explained calmly.

“A what? But-but I....” He looked pleadingly at his partner. “Troy, I don’t really have to do that, do I?”

The dark-haired man gave a sigh. He had known this was going to be an issue. “Sweetie, I went through the same thing just a few minutes ago. It is just a little bit of discomfort and then it’s over. I'll be right here unless you would rather I leave for a minute.”

“No! I don’t-I mean I would much rather you were here. It’s just...” Levi gave his partner a meaningful look, trying to tell him something with his eyes.

Troy was puzzled what the problem was.

“I really would much rather leave my pants on,” Levi murmured, all the pieces finally fitting together for Troy.

Lakota looked to the older of the two men for understanding. “Is there something here I should know?”

Troy hesitated before answering. He knew the young man would rather no one knew all the details of their relationship and it was a sure thing there would still be signs of the punishment he had received recently. But if anyone should know, it was their doctor.

“It’s okay,” Troy told his partner. “Just take them off.”

“But,” a slow red flush crawled up Levi’s pale complexion until his entire face and neck were bright red.

“Levi, you know I would never ask you to do anything that would harm you. The doctor should probably know anyway. Just take them off.”

Levi looked like he badly wanted to rebel but the look in his partner’s eyes told him he wouldn’t win. He turned his back to them both in an angry movement and yanked down the trousers and underwear before kicking them off his legs, leaving him standing flushed and naked before them. The four lines across his buttocks were only slightly discernible.

Lakota looked from the young man to the older. He trusted his instincts and knew immediately this was not a case of abuse. He recognised a relationship of loving discipline and nodded to the two men. “Levi, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are hardly the first young man I have seen who has been switched and I assure you that you won’t be the last. You are very fortunate to have someone who cares for you deeply enough to give you the discipline you need.”

Levi looked over his shoulder with an incredulous expression. He was angry that this part of his life had been revealed to someone he barely knew and almost missed the sincerity in the words.

Lakota made no further comments. He merely suggested they get on with the examination. The young man stoically co-operated throughout most of the procedure but flushed scarlet when Lakota asked him to turn onto his side, facing away from him. “Please bring you right knee up and hold it with your hand and try to relax,” he instructed.

Troy recognised his partner’s distress and placed a reassuring hand on Levi’s arm. Lakota lubricated his finger in petroleum jelly and eased it gently into his young patient’s rectum.

Levi moaned slightly and squirmed in a futile effort to get away from the probing digit.

“It will be done in just a moment,” Lakota said as he continued. It was obvious the lad was no virgin but non-the-less, the passage was smooth and unscarred, proving the carefulness of his lover. He quickly completed the exam and removed his finger. He patted Levi on his hip. “All over now. You’re in good health, Levi. There’s nothing to be concerned about. However, I would like you to keep me apprised of any seizures you have in the future. Now I’ll leave you to get dressed.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Troy sincerely responded. As Levi quickly donned his clothing, the older man smiled and gently commented. “Now that wasn’t anywhere near as arduous as you’d feared, was it, my love?”

“I guess not,” the young man grudging agreed. “But I am still glad it’s over!”

When Kelby returned from visiting the latrine, he immediately noticed his puppy was missing and set out to find the little dog. It never crossed his mind that someone would have stolen his pet. He looked throughout the entire compound but was still unable to locate the small animal. By lunch time he was in a panic.

“Kelby, you look upset. Have you lost something?” Quentin asked with concern in his voice. It seemed that every time he had gone searching for the young man throughout the morning, Kelby had been involved in a pursuit of his own.

“Yes,” the young man responded forlornly. “My puppy’s disappeared. I went to the latrine and when I came back, he was gone,” he sadly explained.

“When did this happen, Kelby?”

“Right after breakfast. I left him in our tent sleeping, but he must have escaped and run off,” Kelby expressed his worse fears and chewed on his lower lip.

“And I am sure you’ve looked every place you can think of, but have you mentioned it to anyone else?” Although it had only been short time since the puppy’s disappearance, Quentin didn’t want to give the young man false hope of it now being found.

Kelby shook his head and pushed back the hair that had fallen across his forehead. “No, I thought if someone had seen it they would’ve said something.” He wrapped his arms around himself and wished he had thought of asking someone before now.

“Then I think that is your next course of action, Kelby. I’ll go around with you to ask the men who are gathering for their noon meal, alright.” Quentin wrapped his arm around the shorter man’s shoulders, gave him an encouraging squeeze and started steering him towards the mess hall.

After eating as much as he could, Kelby widened his search to the surrounding area with Quentin accompanying him. They asked every man they met for any information they may have regarding the absentee pet, but no one had seen the little dog.

Kelby was heartbroken and extremely worried about what dangers could have befallen such a small animal. He feared he would ultimately have to resign himself to the fact that he might never know.

Shortly before the evening meal, Yancey would remind those who had appointments for their physicals the following morning or afternoon. It was fast becoming a habit. Some indulgently accepted his visit, others groaned at his approach, and two or three actually tried persuading him that such an examination was pointless as they were in perfect health. The nurse good-naturedly laughed it all off.

Supper was just coming to an end when Samuel raised his eyebrows as Wayne volunteered for kitchen duty. He had been hoping to get the young man away for a while, maybe for a walk along the shoreline so they could get to know each other a little better.

He walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Wayne, I was hoping you and I could spend a bit of time together.”

“Well, I already said I’d help with the clean-up.” Wayne had to turn his face up when he spoke to Samuel, but his eyes were presently fixed on the older man’s shirt button.

“Wayne, you helped out at noon and now it’s someone else’s turn,” Samuel pointed out, still confused as to why the man would volunteer yet again.

Wayne sighed. He wished he could just take off and go with Samuel. The thought of spending time with him sounded so tempting. But he had dug himself into a hole and he now had to live with the consequences. “I’m sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “I need to finish up here.” Wayne was studiously avoiding the other man’s eyes.

“Well, alright then, some other time maybe. Just make sure you’re taking care of that injured hand.” Samuel suspected something was up. He just couldn’t figure out what is was; so he turned in unspoken frustration and left the young man to get on with his duties.

Wayne heaved another deep sigh as he watched Samuel’s broad back disappearing. He wished he had thought to suggest they get together at the campfire which a few of the men were already getting set up.

The fire had originally been thought to be a once a week occurrence but had developed into part of the group’s daily routine.

Aiden was pleased to see Larry and Spyke together at the evening bonfire. He knew he had feelings for both of them, but he knew in order for a relationship to work, the two younger men would have to like and respect each other. By the way they were laughing and carrying on, it was obvious that was exactly what was happening.

Larry and Spyke came over and took their places on each side of Aiden and watched the flames dancing. Spyke leaned forward and whispered to Larry. “I have to see for myself if what you said was true.”

Larry responded with a wicked grin on his face. “I dare you to prove me wrong!”

Aiden wasn’t sure what the two men were talking about until he felt a small warm hand touch his leg and move under his kilt. He kept his amusement hidden and waited to see just how daring this young scamp would prove to be.

Larry held his breath. From the corner of his eye, he observed the movement of the kilt as Spyke’s hand made its way to its destination. ‘I wonder how Aiden’s going to react,’ he thought.

Spyke, trying not to alert the others to what he was doing, moved his hand up slowly until he reached his goal. The intake of breath from the young man caused Larry to almost burst out laughing but he too did not want to draw attention to the situation and he somehow managed to keep his laughter in check.

Aiden just smiled to himself as he allowed the young man to explore, but when he began to respond to the touch, he gently wrapped a giant hand around the smaller man’s wrist and whispered. “Now that ye ken Larry dinnae lie or exaggerate, I’ll ask ye kindly to remove yer hand.”

This time Larry couldn’t repress the laughter and was soon joined by Spyke and Aiden. The other men who were gathered around the fire just concluded the three were sharing a private joke and paid them no mind.

Spyke leaned forward once again and whispered to Larry. “I guess there’s more than enough to share alright!”

“Oh my God, you’re so cheeky!” Larry laughed uproariously.

Aiden placed a giant hand on each of the young men’s legs. “Me think ’tis time we three had a wee talk, but we best be taking this conversation elsewhere.”

Larry and Spyke nodded in agreement. They got to their feet and, after collecting blankets from their tent as per Aiden’s instructions, followed the big man down the path leading towards the beach.

Three men sat on the sand, gazing out at the waves crashing against the shore. They breathed in the salty air, enjoyed the refreshing breeze and relaxed as the last faint rays of the sun disappeared on the horizon.

“So what did you wanna talk about, Aiden?” It was impossible to miss the curiosity in the young man’s voice.

“Don’t rush him, Spyke!” Larry advised.

“I do believe ’tis time to discuss the possibility of a three-way relationship,” Aiden matter-of-factly introduced the subject. “Just how do ye lads feel about us becoming a threesome?”

Spyke looked expectantly at Larry.

“It’s funny you brought this up, Aiden, because Spyke and I have already talked about this very thing,” Larry happily responded.

“Aye, and just what conclusions did ye reach?”

“You want to answer that, Spyke?” Larry glanced over at the younger man.

“We kinda figured there’s more than enough of you to go around,” Spyke grinned up mischievously at the tall, broad-shouldered, well-muscled highland man beside him. “And we’re willin’ to divvy you up fifty-fifty.”

Larry rolled his eyes in mild exasperation. “What Spyke is saying in his own special way, Aiden, is that we’d both really like to be in a relationship with you.”

“Then now might be a good time to learn a wee bit about one another. Would I be correct in assuming ye told each other about yerselves?” Getting affirmative nods, Aiden continued, “and seeing as Larry here has told me of his past, I’d be interested in hearing of yers, Spyke.”

“I reckon it’s only fair ‘cause Larry has told me some about you.” Spyke took a few moments to gather his thoughts. “My parents were brought over from Europe when they were very young, to work for a rich man by the name of Matthias Lancaster. He paid their way and kinda owned them. My father was his valet and butler; my mother was his housekeeper. I grew up in his big house. Lancaster treated me reasonably well and even provided me with a bit of schooling. I kinda liked it there and when I got older I learned to do a lot of odd jobs around the place. My parents and me got real sick about five years ago. I got better but my mother and father died within a week of each other. I was fifteen at the time.” The young man had deliberately left out the more unpleasant details of his life in Lancaster’s home.

Spyke closed his eyes as the memories, good and bad, washed over him. The seconds silently ticked by while the older men patiently waited for the younger one to continue. Spyke drew in a deep breath and added in a quiet voice, “They never knew about my sexual activities, cause I never told them. Over the years I had spent more time with Lancaster than with my parents. When he hired more servants after their deaths, he let me stay on, but with new duties that had me playing the role of his sex-slave whenever he entertained, ah, what he called ‘special guests’. He liked showing me off like a prize trophy or something. He promised to take care of me, but he used me. I thought he loved me, but he didn’t,” the young man’s voice woefully trailed off.

“How did ye end up here, lad?” Aiden gently asked.

Larry reached across Aiden and placed a hand on Spyke’s knee. He knew what was coming next and wanted very much to offer comfort and support.

“One of his so-called ‘special’ guests got drunk and cornered me. I was never even given a chance to explain what happened. Lancaster said he didn’t want anything to do with soiled merchandise. Turns out that included in his many faults, he was also a fuckin’ hypocrite. The fat bastard turned me over to the police. He didn’t have to do that! If he didn’t want me around anymore, he could have just kicked me out!” Spyke pulled up his legs and wrapped his arms around them. A shudder ran through him as the memory of the terrifying events that followed momentarily resurfaced.

Aiden felt a surge of anger at what the young man had been put through but managed to control it. “It’s been verra unpleasant for ye, hasna it?” He lifted the smaller man and sat him on his lap. “Yer safe now, lad. We’ll help ye put the past behind ye where it belongs.”

“We all have our stories to tell, Aiden. Bet some are a lot worse than mine,” Spyke grinned crookedly in an effort to regain his happier outlook from minutes ago.

“Well then, ’tis only a discussion on how we’re going to make this work that’s needed before moving on.” Aiden smiled when both younger men nodded, their expressions indicating they were hanging on his every word.

“We think you should know Spyke and I are not actually sexually attracted to each other. What we want for the present time is a brotherly-type friendship based on confidentiality and trust. Does that make sense to you, Aiden?”

“Aye, it does and ’tis pleased I am to hear it. Because while ye are willing to go halves with me, I willna share my lovers with anyone, not even each other; not at this time anyway. In other words, I make love to both of ye, but ye no make love to one another until I give permission to do so. I sensed the attachment between ye when I saw ye coming out of the mess hall the other night but wanted to make clear my stand on this matter.”

“Larry told me you also claim the right to being in charge. That there will be rules and consequences,” Spyke stated as he slid off Aiden’s thighs. He was puzzled to discover he wanted the security this type of relationship would offer him. After all, was he really ready to hand over a major part of the control he exercised on his own behalf and to accept discipline when warranted? Searching the face of the gentle giant beside him, Spyke acknowledged to himself, ‘yes, I need and want this!’ 

“Aye, ’tis how is must be. ’Twill be the precept upon which we will build our three-way relationship.” Aiden wrapped a large arm around the shoulders of each younger man and drew them closer to his side. “I do believe we now have a few rules to go over. I willna tolerate dishonesty or quarrelling nor will either of ye compete for my affections. Do ye ken?”

“Yes, I understand!” the other two men declared in unison.

“Just what form will this discipline take, Aiden?” Larry inquired, both his and Spyke’s interest apparent. 

“Well now, ’twould depend on the severity of the infraction. Be assured I’m certainly not opposed to delivering a good hiding with naught but my hand should the situation warrant it,” Aiden spoke seriously, looking each man in the eye and receiving wide-eyed nods of comprehension.

“But you don’t really know us well enough to have more specific rules in mind, right?” Spyke asked. He was curious about the next stage of this budding relationship.

Aiden laughed. “I figure I know enough to insist Larry here keep me informed when his stomach is ailing. I expect ye both to tell me when ye’re ill or been injured. I also want ye, my bonnie lad, to attend classes when Troy has them set up.”

“No way, man! I’m not going to school. And you can’t make me!” At the sight of Aiden’s raised eyebrow, Spyke realised the futility behind that declaration and reluctantly decided discretion was the better part of valour at the moment.

Holding back a smile and with a playful twinkle in his blue eyes, Aiden inquired, “Now that we’ve everything out in the open, do ye still wish to share me?”

Larry and Spyke glanced at each other and vigorously nodded. “You already know my answer to that, Aiden,” Larry reminded him.

“And mine’s the same,” Spyke confidently informed the man who was about to become his senior partner.

“So be it then! Do ye have any more questions, lads?”

“Yeah,” Spyke crawled back on the big man’s lap and looked him in the eye. “I wanna know when we’re gonna get a demonstration of what you’ve got under that kilt!”

“Ye really are a cheeky wee bugger, are ye not?” Aiden asked while Larry roared with laughter.

The big man set Spyke aside and got to his feet. After removing his boots and socks, he stood with his back to the sea and looking down at the two men stretched out on the blankets in front of him, removed his work boots and hose. He smiled at their widening eyes as he slowly removed his shirt and let it float to the ground. He heard their in-drawn breaths when he unbuckled his belt and his heavy kilt dropped to form a soft pile around his feet. The full moon behind him outlined his towering presence. At a height of six feet and five inches, the man was an impressive sight.

“Oh my God!” Larry softly exhaled, spellbound by the remarkable scene before him.

Spyke was positively enraptured as he gazed transfixed at the giant he was falling in love with. He was unable to utter a sound.

Aiden lowered himself to lie between his two new partners, both of whom without hesitation moved into his loving embrace. He deeply kissed the younger men in turn and began divesting them of their clothing. Large hands and a teasing mouth roamed over the smaller men’s bodies causing passions to heighten, heart rates to increase, and breathing to become shallow until two of the newly-formed threesome called out in unison to shattering climaxes.

Larry and Spyke had barely regained their senses when Aiden’s soft burr issued an invitation. “Come on, lads, ’tis a bonnie night for a moonlight swim.” Aiden got up and walked into the incoming waves, fully expecting the young men to follow. He smiled at their wails of protest at not being giving the opportunity to return the favour and assist him in finding his sexual release. But it was important they learn from the very start just who was in charge.

Although it was late, Lakota sat at his makeshift desk compiling the last of his notes on the day’s patients. Having fallen behind, he’d performed four physicals today instead of the two originally agreed upon He was tired but smiled contentedly at what had been accomplished over the last few days and at the observations he had made.

Troy and Levi were wonderful together and Lakota was very thankful that Levi had Troy to watch over him. In all honesty, this was not the ideal living condition for someone with epilepsy. There were some herbs known to help quiet the seizures and he would have to search the island for them. However, he knew that nothing would cure the condition.

The doctor frowned slightly as he read his findings on Thad’s chart. The young man had developed a rash on the trunk of his body, which appeared to be an allergic reaction to insect bites he got on board ship. Since neither a sore throat nor a fever accompanied the rash, Lakota felt that regular applications of calamine lotion to soothe the irritation would suffice. Thad had also been instructed not to scratch the affected areas. Lakota softly chuckled as he recalled his young patient’s response of disgruntlement.

Lakota was concerned about the damage young Jordan had incurred from ill prepared anal intercourse with Seth, who due to his own inexperience, lack the knowledge to exercise the appropriate care. Though the tearing was minor, he’d have to be watched for infection. Poor kid was rather embarrassed by the whole thing and didn’t seem too impressed when the doctor insisted on twice daily bathing of the affected area; along with a modified diet to include higher fibre foods such as vegetables, grains and fruit to allow for easier passing of bowel movements. Lakota would keep a close vigil on him for the next few days and they would have to have further discussion on safer sexual practices in the future. He was pretty sure a relationship was developing between Jordan and Walker and wanted the older man to be apprised of Jordan’s history before they went as far as having sexual relations.

Lakota had been pleasantly surprised at the attraction exhibited by the ex-magistrate for both his young assistants and felt it would bode well for all three of them. The gentle native wondered if Thad and Jordan had yet acknowledged to themselves that they both returned Walker’s interest.


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