Chapter Fifty

Like many of the men, those of the decorating team were too excited to eat properly. Besides, Walker and his team had promised them a feast that night and everyone wanted to keep their appetites ready for what was to come. So, after munching on some sandwiches, they took themselves off for the next part of their plan.

Gille and Brodie carried the pails while Wayne held unto a pair of scissors. Seth had borrowed a knife from the kitchen with strict instructions to keep it away from Brodie. The four young men then set out to the special patch of ground they had discovered a few weeks ago. They had nurtured that patch carefully, making sure it was tended to and watered every day, and they were pleased to see their efforts rewarded.

“Look,” Wayne pointed out as they approached the place. “These flowers sure are pretty. I wish I knew what they are called.”

“Don’t matter what they are called, buddy, this is just perfect!” Gille said as he set down his pail. “Let’s split up and get to work.”

“I’ll get the flowers with you, Gille,” Wayne volunteered.

Seth nodded. “Okay, Brodie and I will get some greenery. Give us a holler if you finish first.”

Wayne and Gille began to gather the wildflowers; sky-blue ones and deep pink and bright yellow. Their pails were filling up quickly. The flowers were fresh and would look pretty tied up in bunches and placed on the tables.

Brodie moved further away with Seth and began to pick wild asparagus fern while Seth cut branches from some red berry shrubbery. They planned to get as much as possible so they could hang them around the party area and add colour everywhere.

“Look,” Brodie called out and pointed at what he’d seen. “There’s a tree covered with a lovely pale green ivy and it’s beautiful. I’m going to get some of it.”

Seth grunted, as he struggled with the thorny branches. “Damn!” he cursed under his breath. “Okay, go ahead; just be careful, Brodie. Don’t fall.”

Brodie laughed. “What? Me, fall out of a little tree? It’s barely more than an overgrown bush.”

“Well, just don’t!” Seth ordered.

Brodie laughed and shook his head. He pushed his way towards his goal. The undergrowth here was the thickest and he had to be careful not to get too badly scratched. His eyes gleamed when he saw a lot of the light-coloured greenery was hanging within easy reach. What a find! He quickly became enthralled by the fragile creepers weaving their way upward, their tiny tendrils clinging to the branches. Small clusters of delicate flowers of a slightly lighter shade of green adorned the already beautiful vines.

He carefully tugged several off the lower branches, taking care not to pull them apart dropping them gently into his pail. Getting carried away, he climbed up and gradually moved further along a large limb. He was just about to reach for another piece of ivy when he lost his balance, fell the short distance to the ground and disappeared into the thick foliage.

Seth had moved away from their original spot and had his back to Brodie when the young man fell. He looked up when he heard the yell and peered back into the direction of the thick brush. “Brodie?” he called out. “Brodie!” he called again when he couldn’t see any sign of him. ‘How could he have disappeared just like that?’ Feeling a little panicky, he called out to Wayne and Gille and waved them over. 


“Where’s Brodie?”

“Exactly!” Seth said, half in frustration and half in unease. “I was over here cutting these berry branches and he went over there to pick some ivy and suddenly he’s gone.” 

Placing their pails down, they began to retrace their steps while calling loudly. “Brodie!”

“Stop fooling around, Brodie!”

“Help!” a faint voice called out and the three men stopped.

“Over there!” Gille pointed, grateful for having sharp ears.

They began to push their way forward and saw Brodie on the ground, clutching his foot. He looked a bit dazed, having knocked his head when he had fallen.

“Oh, my head,” Brodie moaned. “Ow, my foot hurts too.”

“Oh, my God!” Seth cried as he knelt beside his friend. “How the hell did you manage to fall? You idiot!” But his voice was teasing and gentle as he felt around Brodie’s head for the bump.

“Is he okay?” Wayne asked anxiously.

“He’ll live!” Seth said, beginning to reach for Brodie’s foot.

“No!” Brodie screamed. “Don’t touch it. It hurts really bad!”

The three of them stared at one another. “Well, do we have enough flowers and stuff yet?” Seth asked.

Gille and Wayne nodded. “Oh yes, we have enough. What about you guys?”

They checked out Brodie’s pail and found it contained a fair amount of ivy.

“Yeah, I think we have enough too,” Seth said. “Brodie, if we helped you, can you walk back to camp?”

“I-I think so,” Brodie said doubtfully. But he cried out when they tried to make him stand and eventually one of them suggested they go back to get help.

“I’ll go get Lakota or Yancey and maybe Brock or Aiden.” Gille suggested. “They should be able to carry Brodie back. One of you better come with me to help bring some of the flowers, ivy and berries back. We’ll get the rest on the return trip. Meanwhile, who’s gonna stay here with Brodie?” 

“I’ll stay with him,” Seth volunteered and sat down next to his injured friend. “I don’t think they’ll be gone long,” he offered encouragingly.

“Yancey is not going to be in any way pleased with this,” Brodie mumbled as he lay back and folded one arm over his eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, their friends returned with Lakota; Yancey and Brock in tow.

“How are you holding out, love?” Yancey inquired, gently helping Brodie to sit up. The nurse tenderly checked out the bump on his partner’s head while the doctor examined the injured foot.

Brodie relaxed and submitted to the medical team’s ministrations, only wincing when Lakota touched his ankle. He blanched when it was pronounced broken and glanced up uncertainly at Yancey. “Guess I won’t be able to dance at Aiden’s wedding,” he ventured and briefly wondered if he’d even be able to sit. Taking foolish risks and getting hurt as a result was never looked upon favourably.

Yancey attempted to lighten his partner’s mood. “We probably wouldn’t have done a lot of dancing regardless, baby, as I have two left feet and one of us may have ended up getting hurt, as seems to be our luck.” He smiled and dropped a loving kiss on Brodie’s head. “Now let’s get you back to the infirmary so Lakota can set that ankle. Only after you’re settled will we talk, okay?”

Brodie nodded his agreement and blinked back tears when he felt an understanding pat on the back from Seth.

A signal from the doctor had Brock scooping up the injured man and all of them hurriedly making their way back to camp.

“I should be helping the guys finish up the decorating, Yancey,” Brodie bitterly complained from his bed. The setting of his ankle had been a painful experience and not one he was likely to forget anytime soon. “I know it’s my own fault but it still seems so unfair.” Numerous emotions vied for first-place; self-recrimination barely winning out over self-pity. “My ankle really hurts and I’ve got a headache,” he groused, hoping to hold off the inevitable conversation with his lover.

Yancey shook his head in amazement at his partner’s knack of getting hurt so often. “I know you’re hurting, love, but we all know life isn’t fair. Besides, you were some place you had no business being.” Yancey talked soothingly but firmly as he tucked the blanket around his cranky patient.

Sitting down on the next bed and facing Brodie, he began listing a few of the upcoming changes in the younger man’s life. “As of today, climbing trees is on your ‘things I cannot do’ list. Being as you will be unable to do your usual chores until your ankle is complete mended; I will be asking Walker if once again you and Jordan can trade places. If he agrees, you will be on kitchen duty for the next several weeks; peeling vegetables, washing dishes, etc., most of which can be done sitting down.” He rolled his eyes at Brodie’s exaggerated expression of chagrin.

“Is that my punishment, Yancey?” Brodie asked in a small voice. He was tired and had to force himself to stay awake long enough to hear sentence pronounced. “Or am I going to be spanked as well?” He wouldn’t be surprised if such was the case.

“I’m not going to spank you this time, Brodie. Instead you will have lines to write; lots and lots of lines. Starting Monday, you will write the line ‘I will take time to think before I act recklessly and injure myself’ fifty times each day for a week.” Yancey waited for Brodie’s wail of indignation but when only a long yawn surfaced, he smiled and gently caressed the young man’s face. “I love you, baby,” he murmured as he watched the one he adored fall asleep.

Sometime later, Spyke sat on his pallet looking up at Larry as the man put on his dress uniform. Seeing Larry in the tradition blue of the United States Marines almost took his breath away. He always knew and commented how attractive Larry was, but seeing him in full military regalia was a sight to behold. He noticed a slight tremor in his partner’s hands as the older man took some impressive looking ribbons that represented the medals he won, out of a plush blue box and tried to pin them on to the left side of his coat.

“Here, Larry, allow me to do the honours” he offered as he jumped up off his bed.

“Thanks, sweetie, I’d really appreciate it. As you can see, I’m a little nervous because I’ve never been married before.”

“Ya, like I have!”  Spyke laughed as he took the ribbons from the outstretched hand. “What are these anyway?” he asked as he began to pin the first one in place.

“The one you just pinned on which has the five white stars in the form of an M, is the Medal of Honour and the one in your hand with the purple stripes is called the Badge of Military Merit.”

“How did you get them? And if they’re so important, how come you just got ribbons instead of the real thing?” The younger man pressed Larry for information even though he knew it was making the ex-Marine uncomfortable.

“It was no big deal really.” Larry muttered.

“Come on, Larry, spill it. Why did you get them?”

Letting out a sigh of surrender, Larry told Spyke he had won the Medal of Honour risking his life to save his fellow Marines when they were led into an ambush by an unscrupulous scout. He had been awarded the Badge of Military Merit after getting shot during an encounter with some deserters. “And to answer your second question, I did get the real thing but they’re not worn on this uniform, just the ribbons are. The only medal worn is this one,” Larry pointed to the last object in the box. “It represents my expertise in shooting a rifle and it goes below the others.”

“Wow, I’m marrying a real hero!” Spyke was impressed and his young face showed his admiration.

Blushing deeply, Larry mumbled. “Cut it out, Spyke; a lot of guys got them during the war.”

“Well maybe so, but I’m real proud of you and I’m sure Aiden is as well,” Spyke insisted.

“Thanks, babe; now pin on the last medal then get yourself dressed. We don’t want to be late for our own wedding.”

“One last question then I promise I’ll get dressed.”

Knowing his young partner the way he did; Larry knew there was no use arguing with him. “Fine, what is it?”

“Okay, your coat and pants are blue, but why is there a red stripe down the side of the pants?”

“The red represents the blood of all my fallen comrades,” Larry sadly informed the younger man.

“Morbid, but neat in a military traditional way, I guess,” Spyke replied as he warmly kissed Larry’s mouth.

“I’m glad it meets with your approval,” Larry chuckled as he placed the white hat on his head, thus making the uniform complete. “Aiden will enjoy looking at you in that new suit Nathan made you. I myself can hardly wait to see you in it.” He stood in silence and watched his young partner dress for the wedding. 

When he was fully clothed, Spyke made a twirl around and asked Larry what he thought.

“Oh, baby, you’re gorgeous. It really suits you and I think Aiden will agree that blue is definitely your colour and is the same shade as my uniform which closely matches the blue in Aiden’s dress plaid.”

“How do you think he’ll be dressed, Larry?”

“I’m not sure but knowing Aiden he will look impressive and take our breaths away.”

“Ya, but you know when he’ll look the most impressive, Larry?”

“No, when?”

“Tonight when he’s buck naked and joins us to kinda finalise our wedding vows.”

Larry let out a loud laugh at Spyke’s comment but he was also quick to agree with him.

“Come on, you guys, it’s time to meet your groom,” Mitchell called out as he entered the tent. He stopped and took in the sight before him, then smiled and slowly shook his head. “Aiden is getting a couple of gorgeous looking husbands, but they better not keep him waiting any longer.” He held open the flap and stood back to let them pass.

“I love you, Larry,” Spyke emotionally declared as they left the tent together.

“I love you as well, baby. Now let’s go meet the man we both love more than life itself.”

The two grooms took each other’s hand as they moved down the path leading them to the event that would change their relationship forever, and to the man who awaited them.

Squinting up at the sun, Walker calculated that it was around four o’clock and everything was on time. He looked out over the gathering of island residents. ‘The glen is indeed a picture of absolute magic,’ he thought before he winked encouragingly at a nervous Levi and thought how Troy had every right to be pleased in his young husband for taking on the task of learning to play the bagpipes for this very special occasion.

Next he turned his attention to his own young partners and smiled contentedly to see them sitting side by side while holding hands and talking quietly. They glanced up and returned his smile.

Walker’s smile faded slightly when he spied Nathan and Wesley sitting at opposite sides of the assembly. The ex-judge felt so inadequate when it came to helping these two men reconcile their differences. He shook his head sadly and his gazed was redirected to the two men standing in front of him.

Aiden stood straight and tall before Walker who was presiding. His best man, Thomas, was by his side. The giant Scot was a magnificent spectacle for all to behold, an element of class and elegance for this simple outdoor wedding. He was dressed in the traditional Scottish highland dress consisting of a Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat, the MacKenzie dress tartan, a beautifully carved dirk, a formal sporran with a chain wrap, a black bow tie, and a wing collar shirt. He had carefully pleated the material of his kilt and wrapped it around his waist, securing it with a broad leather belt. Next he had snagged the trailing material, pulled it up across his chest and over his left shoulder after tucking it neatly into the front of the belt. He had then pinned it in place with a large pewter brooch before donning his stockings and shoes. The overall result was breath-taking.

Thomas’ light touch on his shoulder had Aiden turning in time to witness his grooms’ arrival accompanied by Mitchell. Aiden’s heart swelled at the sight of them; Larry, absolutely striking in his uniform and Spyke, stunningly delightful in his new suit of marine blue.

The two young men paused anxiously and waited for Levi to pipe them down the aisle to the tune of the Highland Wedding’. Minutes later, they were standing next to Aiden and listening to Walker’s sincerely spoken welcome to all present.

At a sign from Walker, Larry turned to Aiden, cleared his throat and softly recited his vows. “The day I stepped onto this island; I was reborn. In my old life, I felt the pain of heartache and tears. Darkness seemed to overwhelm me. Then I stepped onto this beautiful island and the light began to shine through in your eyes, Aiden. You’ve given me a life to believe in with your love and your strength, and feeling this love, I can rise above the memories of my past life. You are my world, my dreams and my future. My heart overflows with love for you and without you, I am incomplete.”

Turning next to his younger partner, he gently stated, “Spyke, you also had a great deal to do in making this island my new home and sanctuary. With your sense of humor and adventure, you have allowed the free spirit I keep hidden deep inside me to escape. For that I truly am grateful and my love for you grows with every beat of my heart.”

Gazing lovingly at both men, Larry continued. “I want you both to know you have healed my soul and made me the man I knew I could become. I will always be true to you both and as we say in the Marine Corp, ‘Semper Fidelis’; always faithful. I love you both and I am very happy to become your life partner.”

Spyke smiled sweetly at the ex-marine and watched in wide-eyed wonder as Aiden accepted a large piece of material from Thomas, wrapped it around Larry and pinned it in place at his shoulder. The fabric matched Aiden’s kilt and the brooch a slightly smaller replica of the one Aiden wore.  

“I bless the day ye came into my life, my bonnie lad. ‘Tis my Tartan I wrap around ye as a promise to always love and care for ye. The brooch is a sign that yer now a member of the MacKenzie clan, the clan of my maternal grandfather. I expect ye to honour and uphold the ethics of my clan and in return, I will forever defend ye and guard ye from harm. I will do my verra best to shelter ye and help ye obtain the necessities of life.”

A man of few words, Aiden soundly kissed his husband-to-be, gently moved him over a step or two and lovingly gazed at his other soon-to-be husband. He took the second folded cloth from Thomas, shook it out and draped it around Spyke’s shoulders.

“Aye, my bonnie wee toerag,” Aiden murmured as he secured the material with a brooch identical to Larry’s. ‘Tis with all my heart and might that I vow to safeguard ye for the rest of my life. As with Larry, ye are now mine and a member of my clan; my promises to ye and my expectations of ye are the same.” With that, Aiden softly kissed Spyke’s lips.

Spyke stood mesmerised, staring from one partner to the other. He felt the Tartan settle over him like a mantle of protection and devotion. He had never experienced such an all-encompassing feeling of warmth and security before. He gently rubbed his fingertips over the brooch. His heart soared as his emotions overpowered him and when he opened his mouth to speak, the words would not come out. He’d spent endless hours painstakingly writing out his vows and memorising them, only for his mind to go blank at the most inopportune moment.

Aiden glanced down in surprise to see Spyke’s lips trembling and the tears forming in his beautiful blue eyes as the young man held his arms out beseechingly. Tenderly embracing him, the big Scot lifted him off the ground and hugged him. The gently giant closed his eyes and heard in his heart the declaration of love Spyke was unable to verbalise. His own eyes filled when he felt his lover’s arms tightening around his neck and heard the soft shuddered sigh of ‘love you’.

A few minutes passed before Aiden lifted his head, shifted Spyke to one arm and held out the other to Larry, pulling the handsome ex-marine to his side so he could hug and kiss them both. He smiled when the men in his arms kissed each other.

Walker cleared his throat and powerfully announced for all to hear, “Aiden, Larry and Spyke, you are now and forever will be, husbands in the eyes of every member of this community.” Indicating that they were to face the congregation, Walker joyfully continued. “With the freedom we have found here let us give thanks for the blessing we now enjoy to marry those we love. It is my pleasure to introduce the newly formed Shea family of the MacKensie Clan.”

The noise was almost deafening as the seated men applauded, cheered and stomped their feet at the proclamation. Thomas and Mitchell stepped forward with wide grins on their faces. They wanted to be the first to offer their congratulations. They were quickly joined by others who were lining up to offer best wishes.

“A lot of hard work has gone into the preparations of an extraordinary meal with music and dancing to follow,” Thomas loudly stated. “So I say, let the celebration begin.” Taking Galen’s hand, he began leading the way to where the tables were set up, waiting to be laden with good food and drink.

Wes had staunchly watched the proceedings even though it was the hardest thing he had ever done. As soon as Walker made his final announcement, Wes quietly slipped into the forest. As much as he would have liked to join the queue and say a few words to the happy threesome, he was simply unable to do so. Nathan was there waiting in line with his face set and determined, and Wes didn’t feel he had the strength to go anywhere near him. He just wanted to go off on his own and try to forget his broken heart, if only for a short time.

The line moved slowly but soon Nathan found himself face to face with three smiling, newly-married men. He shook hands with each of them and wished them continued happiness. Then, not really being in a party mood, he eventually wandered back to his workshop. Although he was happy for his friends, it was depressing to know it may never happen for him and it pained him to see Wes so despondent and like himself, disinclined to participate in the festivities. It also deeply hurt him to see how Wes avoided him. He had hoped Wes would at least meet his eyes. ‘How on earth did we come to such a pass?’ he silently asked himself, sighing profoundly.

Dallas had watched the wedding with wide eyes. He was still a bit confused about the idea of a threesome but had to admit the three men obviously made it work. He looked at Kevin, speculatively wondering if they would ever make their arrangement permanent. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that and rather doubted if he ever would be.

The rest of the Island inhabitants enthusiastically got down to the business of socialising and celebrating the auspicious event of the first wedding to take place in their new home. Galen’s wild-berry wine was poured and toasts made to the lucky grooms. After everyone had eaten their fill, the tables were moved out of the way and the benches that had been retrieved from the glen were set to the side so the party could begin in earnest.

Aiden, accompanied by Levi on the bagpipes, did the Highland sword dance using crossed sticks in lieu of actual swords. He then had as many men as were up to it, join him in Scottish country dancing. Galen immediately hauled Thomas up to try it. At Raythe’s request, Brock willing followed suit.

Great fun was being had by all and the merrymaking became even more boisterous as the moonshine was lavishly dispensed.

Lakota had allowed himself two mugs of Brock’s potent moonshine. Though hardly drunk, he was feeling the effects of the alcohol in his system and that, along with the mood of a wedding, had him feeling somewhat less inhibited than normal. 

When Jordan began playing a soft haunting melody on a harmonica, the good doctor felt the need to seek out his beautiful young lover. Finding Gille talking with friends, Lakota drew him away and into his arms. “Dance with me, Tehila,” he asked, kissing the younger man deeply.

Gille was a bit surprised by the very open display of affection from his lover, but not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he returned the kiss enthusiastically and allowed the larger man to lead him in a very close, slow dance. 

As they moved to the music, Lakota’s hand found its way slowly downward from Gille’s back to his lower cheek. He kneaded the flesh possessively and whispered, “I love you.” 

Gille smiled and returned the sentiment, thinking to himself that Aiden, Larry and Spyke weren’t the only ones who were going to have a special evening.

Yancey had placed a pallet under a tree so Brodie could rest while still enjoying the festivities. The nurse sat down beside his injured lover and handed him one of the mugs of moonshine he was carrying. “At least we get to watch, honey, even if we can’t get up and dance.”

“It’s okay, Yancey. I’m still having a good time, everything considered,” Brodie grinned lopsidedly at his partner. “Man, who’d of thought we’d see the time come when Spyke wouldn’t be able to yammer like a blue-jay?” 

“Well, I imagine he must have found the whole event rather daunting. Him becoming tongue-tied may have been a blessing in disguise, as it probably prevented him from swearing at his own wedding,” Yancey joked, causing Brodie to snicker. “All and all though, it was a nice ceremony.” He held up his cup. “A toast to celebrate our freedom to love and to marry the ones we love.” Their cups clinked and they drank while staring into each other’s eyes.

Samuel leaned closer to a brooding young man. “What’s on your mind, love? Are you not enjoying yourself?”

“Yeah, I am,” Wayne quietly responded. “I just wish Wes had of hung around. We could have sung a few songs if he had, but he prefers to be by himself….not that I blame him or anything. He’s having a hard time and I wonder if he will ever work things out with Nathan,” he finished softly. “I hope he finds his true love soon.”

“Maybe he will as I’ve notice lately that he has been spending a lot of time with Hendrik,” Samuel commented, rather thoughtfully.  He saw Wayne raise his brows but neither of them pursued this thought. After a pause, Samuel asked, “could you not do a couple of solos?”

“I could, but under the circumstances I don’t think Wes would appreciate that too much. Besides, they don’t seem in need of any stimulus to enjoy themselves. I think the moonshine and Galen’s berry wine are doing a fine job, don’t you?” Wayne smiled up at his lover and took his hand. “I have a better idea; one which involves both of us?” He laughed and pulled Samuel towards the dance area.

The revelry had long been underway, when Spyke impatiently tugged on Aiden’s shirt-sleeve.

Knowing the younger men wanted to get on with their wedding night, the big Scot sincerely thanked everyone for making their day so wonderful and readily complied with his new husbands’ wishes.

“We’ve got a surprise for you, Aiden,” Spyke exclaimed, eagerly prancing in front of his two partners as they made their way along the forest path. “Ya don’t hafta bring a thing ‘cause we have it all set up; don’t we, Larry?”

“That we do,” Larry chuckled at the younger man’s excitement. “And you better not say anything else.”

They did little talking during the long walk in order to conserve their energy. The distance to the cave involved traipsing through the woods for well over an hour.

Arriving at their destination, Spyke ran into the cave first and lit the lantern. Aiden stepped inside just as the warm glow from the flickering light permeated the romantically-decorated cavern.

“Ye’ve done a grand job, ‘tis true,” Aiden praised as he took in the large bed set up for their use, the numerous candles Larry was in the process of lighting and the various containers of flowers placed around the makeshift bedroom. It certainly looked a great deal nicer than the last time he was here when he’d been bitten by a snake. “Nice of Brock to let ye make use of what I believe he considers ‘his’ cave.”

“I think he’s on the lookout for another one,” Larry informed the older man with a laugh.

“Larry and I built this,” Spyke boasted, pointing at the bed. “Of course, Mitchell helped us make the frame big enough to put the three pallets in. Galen showed us where to get the moss for the mattress and pillows, and Nathan sewed up new sheets and pillowcases. They’re made with a very soft cotton but feel like silk, Aiden; come see,” he impatiently demanded. His nervousness was causing him to babble on.

Larry wondered if Spyke was as nervous as he was. It wasn’t first-time-with-a-man nervous; it was more like the nerves that anticipation can cause a person to have. As he listened to his younger partner, he could see Spyke was feeling the same way and that made Larry feel a little better.
Aiden knew his two boys were a little anxious for what he had planned for the three of them tonight, so he wasted little time with small talk.  He summoned both of them and gently kissed their lips before pushing them together.
“As ye kin, lads, until now my rule has been ‘twould be me alone making love to ye and all ye were permitted to do ‘twas cuddle and comfort. But since ‘tis yer wedding night as well as mine, I am giving ye a gift. I am allowing ye to enjoy one another and give each other pleasure. Aye, from this night forward, ye are permitted to indulge in oral or manual gratification.”
Larry and Spyke looked at one another in surprise and joy. Their feelings for each other had deepened over the last three months; they had fallen in love and found they could no longer view themselves as brotherly-type best friends.

Spyke was the first to make a move. “Okay, Larry, get that uniform off and show me what a real Marine is made of!” 

Larry didn’t have to be asked twice. He quickly removed his uniform, taking care not to ruin or wrinkle it in any way. He grinned widely and walked over to Sypke, who had wasted little time getting out of his suit.
Aiden stripped and made himself comfortable on the big bed. His hand slowly moved between his legs as he became aroused at the thought of watching his two new husbands pleasuring each other.
For a moment, the two men remained silent; then Larry slipped his arms around Spyke’s waist and pulled him in for their first meaningful kiss as lovers. At the touch of their lips, tiny electric shocks coursed through their bodies. They moaned, tightened their embrace and opened their mouths to eagerly taste and explore. Eventually, Larry backed away and pushed Spyke down on the soft blankets next to Aiden.
Larry began to explore Spyke’s body. He started with the hollow at the base of the throat, then the sharp edge of the collar bone, followed by the left and then the right nipple; all of which caused Spyke to whimper in pleasure and beg for more. Larry more than willingly obliged by moving down the other man’s body, caressing him with soft fingers until he reached the now erect penis of his new husband. Suddenly, Spyke felt something warm and wet surround his hardened member and knew in an instant it was Larry’s mouth.
“Oh God, Larry!” he cried out as he felt himself getting harder.
Larry increased the suction until Spyke in his highly aroused state, began to thrust himself deep into Larry’s mouth. Not to be outdone in the pleasure department, Spyke twisted around enough to move his hand down so he could stroke his lover’s manhood until he too was fully erect. The two men continued until they climaxed simultaneously and their cries of desire echoed throughout the cave.
The whole time, Aiden was doing his best to control his own lust. He slowly stroked himself but kept backing off whenever he felt himself coming too close to finding his release. He smiled when he heard his partners’ expressions of love for one another.

When he was sure his husbands had fully enjoyed each other and the older one had cleaned up a bit, Aiden moved closer to them. “Husband, ‘tis ye I shall take first,’ he whispered to Larry. Turning to Spyke, he murmured, “then, my other dear husband, I will take ye in the same manner.”

Spyke wasn’t offended by Aiden deciding to make love to Larry first. He was more than happy to sit back and relish in the afterglow of the beautiful orgasm he had just experienced. He squirmed just far enough away to give Aiden some room.
Aiden flipped Larry onto his back and using the pre-cum from his own erect penis mixed with the juices on the sheet that had flowed from Larry, he lubricated his fingers and prepared his lover. As he entered Larry for the first time as married men, the feelings of pure love and lust were overwhelming. He tried to contain his enthusiasm but with Larry sticking his tongue down his throat and growling encouragement, Aiden found it difficult to hold himself back. He began thrusting into Larry with powerful strokes, causing the young Marine to lift his hips off the bed and meet his every move.
“Oh God, Aiden; harder….give it to me harder,” Larry cried out as he once again felt the familiar signs of a climax coming on. Aiden gave one or two more thrusts, then capturing Larry’s lips with his own; he exploded inside his new husband. Almost instantaneously, Larry had his second climax of the evening.
Aiden rolled off Larry and after a few more hugs and kisses, turned his attention to his other mate. He knew he would have to be a little less aggressive with his youngest husband which is why he came to him second when he had the ability to exercise more control.. As Larry drifted off into dreamland; Aiden began to make love to Spyke. 

The big Scot took his time with the smaller man, moving in and out of him with short thrusts. Nevertheless, the passion was just as powerful and before long the two men lay spent in each other’s arms.
Aiden reached for Larry’s sleeping form and gathered him against his left side while holding Spyke against his right. Soon Spyke was matching Larry’s light snoring breath for breath, but Aiden was not ready for sleep. He just lay there holding his new husbands, basking in their love and taking pleasure in the joyful thoughts of what the future held for them.


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