Chapter Thirty

“As soon as we finish up in here, Thad, we’ll locate Jordan and go down to the shore where we can have an uninterrupted conversation.” Walker moved about efficiently getting things out for the next morning.

“Yeah, Jordan and I are both looking forward to talking with you.” Thad started drying the last of the pots faster than he had been. “Ah, Walker, there’s one rather important issue concerning Jordan that I think you should be made aware of.” Seeing he had the older man’s undivided attention, Thad cleared his throat and continued. “He doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience and he….well, he’s kinda afraid of doing certain things, if you know what I mean.” He rubbed vigorously at the pot in his hand in an effort to cover up his discomfort in discussing something so personal about another man.

“I have a pretty good idea of what you are referring to. He was harmed at one time, wasn’t he?” Walker softly inquired. “Was it Seth.” he asked intuitively after getting a brief nod.

“Yeah, but Jordan doesn’t hold it against him. He says Seth was almost as inexperienced as he was.”

“Well, Thad, I am not without experience. Have no fear; I know how to care for Jordan.” Walker smiled reassuringly. “Now, if you are quite done trying to wear a hole in the bottom of that pot, I suggest we track down the young man who is going to be a part of the threesome we’re considering.”

Jordan’s out by the bonfire. I’ll call him.” Thad stepped over to the door of the mess hall, put his fingers to his lips and whistled.

“He’s not a puppy, Thad!” Walker mildly reprimanded.

“It’s okay, Walker. He has a special whistle for me too.” Thad laughed unrepentantly and watched as Jordan hastened to join them.

Walker led the two younger men to a small inlet approximately a quarter of a mile down the shoreline. It was an easy walk due to the excellent visibility provided by the slowly sinking sun and a sky becoming dotted with twinkling stars. The temperature had cooled as the sun had gone down, making the excursion very enjoyable indeed after yet another rather warm day.

“So, Thad, care to tell me a little more of your past? I already know you inherited a small business from your father; a barber shop and bath house, right?” Walker inquired in hopes of learning more about the other man. He had similar questions to ask of Jordan.

“You remembered from the first night here when we all introduced ourselves, didn’t you?” Thad was pleasantly surprised by that fact. He couldn’t believe he had made an impression on such an important man. “With a little ingenuity I was able to expand my services and had a rather lucrative business in the end. Unfortunately, carelessness on my part caused me to lose everything.”

“Would you feel comfortable sharing what it was you did and how it all disintegrated?”

“In a nutshell, I offered what I referred to as ‘special massages and manipulations’ to men. Many of my customers were so-called pillars of society, including a magistrate or two.” Thad grinned provocatively at the older man. “I took on one client too many. It never crossed my mind that I was being set up. I guess I could have retaliated by handing over my customer list, but I chose to burn it.”

“Why did you do that, Thad?” the older man wanted to know.

“Hell, it wouldn’t have made any difference to my case, so I figured why make life harder for someone else just out of spite, possibly hurting a number of other folks like family members.”

“That was very commendable, Thad.” Walker was definitely impressed by the self-imposed honour code the young man had stuck by.

“Well, I did get some satisfaction when I completely destroyed my shop. The only things I salvaged were my barber’s kit and a few pieces of pottery my mother had taught me to make.” Thad breathed deeply of the salty sea air. “But I was contented with that. I just wish I could have brought along her pottery wheel,” he murmured. He was at peace with himself and where he was at this point of his life. "Working with mud can be very relaxing," he added with a wistful expression.

The three men took advantage of a comfortable spot to sit down with their backs resting against a large log. They gazed out over the ocean and relaxed to the sounds of the waves crashing over the rocks and rolling onto the sandy shore.

Walker sighed in almost overwhelming pleasure. He had a beautiful young man nestled on each side. When had he fallen so in love with them? Had it unknowingly crept up on him or had it happened all at once out of the blue. He knew he had been very much attracted to them but had not been prepared for the intensity of this new emotion he felt.

They were of the same height; both approximately seven inches shorter than his own six-foot-three, with Jordan being slightly slimmer than Thad. Thad, at age twenty-four, was ten years Walker’s junior while Jordan was four years younger than Thad. All of them had vastly different life experiences.

‘Jordan, my precious little mouse,’ Walker thought warmly as he glanced at the young man on his left, ‘with your beautiful hazel eyes and soft, brown curls.’ Taking a quick look to his right with an equal amount of warmth and tenderness, the big man mused, ‘And you, Thad, with your emerald green eyes and reddish-blond hair.”

Glancing down at the youngest one, he softly requested, “I would appreciate you telling us a little of your history, Jordan.” 

“Not much to tell,” Jordan shrugged and nuzzled the small brown dog that had followed them.

“I’m sure there is,” Walker gently prodded.

Jordan dubiously peeked up at the big man before bowing his head and mumbling, “I never knew my father. My mother worked as a prostitute in the local whore house that was also part saloon and part cheap hotel. I was born and raised there. I started working in the kitchen when I was about five years old.” He put down the squirming puppy. “Go explore, Babs!” he ordered, giving his pet a bit of a shove.

“Did you have an opportunity to go to school, Jordan?” Walker suspected such was not the case but wanted to introduce the subject.

“No, I just hung around the house and yard. I never went anywhere before coming here.”

“How did you come to be here, Jordan?” Walker’s voice held nothing but kindness.

“A couple of weeks before the sheriff’s deputies burst in on us, Seth showed up in town. He spent most his time gambling and making enemies in the saloon, but he also had a room upstairs. I don’t want to talk about it.” Jordan suddenly went silent and stubbornly remained so.

“Ah, why don’t you tell us something about yourself, Walker?” Thad suggested.

“Well, let’s see. I’m the son of a judge, hence my interest in law. My older brother also studied law before losing interest and eventually excelling as a ne’r-do-well. I’ve had several closeted affairs but never found a mate, so to speak. My sexual preferences were discovered and ultimately exposed by my extremely malcontent sister-in-law. She lived by the motto that if she could not be happy, no one else should be.” Walker grinned at the giggles his statement elicited. “However, I have been blessed with many wonderful friends who to this day stand by me. Most of whom have formed the group looking after our interests back home.”

“Although our conversation thus far has been very informative, it is not the most prevalent issue we had planned to discuss, is it?” Getting a unanimous agreement in the form of two nodding heads, Walker realized it would be up to him to initiate the discussion concerning their future together. He cleared his throat as he gathered his thoughts. “I do believe in order for the type of relationship I am searching for to work, whether it is with one partner or two, there needs be a head of the household, as it were.”

“That would be you, right?” Jordan asked.

“I would insist on it, Jordan. Thad has already indicated his acceptance of that but how do you feel about it?”

“It would sort of make you responsible for keeping us safe, wouldn’t it?”

“That may be one way of putting it,” Walker thoughtfully agreed. He understood the young man’s need to feel secure in this as of yet uncharted island they now inhabited. “I also believe being a threesome necessitates stricter guidelines as to how we treat one another. We need to explore our expectations and decide which ones are achievable. As well, we have some boundaries to set up; but all in due time.”

“You mean we’re not going to be starting off with a list of rules?” Thad inquired.

“I think treating each other with respect and dignity, being honest and upfront at all times, and basically being there to offer help and support is a good foundation to build on.” Walker paused and waited to see if either of the young men had further comments to make. “Anything else you have playing on yours minds?”

“Yes, are you okay with Jordan and I having sex?”

“I am. I would hope we would all want each other as lovers.”

“Ah, Thad and I were talking about eventually taking turns with anal sex.” Jordan’s blush was barely discernible in the moonlight. “How do you feel about that?” he shyly asked.

“Again, I am fine with it as long as you both accept that I penetrate exclusively.”

“Suits me!” Thad enthusiastically exclaimed.

“Me, too.” Jordan shrugged, not really caring one way or the other.

“Well now that we’ve reached a consensus of opinion on that aspect of our relationship,” Walker chuckled as he drew his new partners closer to his sides, “I have one last matter to bring up and that is Jordan’s schooling.” He wondered briefly what the repercussions were likely to be when he insisted the young man learn to read and write. He smiled when his words caused the man in question to stiffen.

Jordan crawled over Walker’s legs and cuddled into Thad. “I don’t want to go to school,” he whispered, hoping for an ally.

“Sorry, buddy, if Walker says you have to go then that is what you’ll have to do.”  Thad hugged the younger man apologetically for not siding with him.

Jordan glanced around Thad and glared at Walker. “Am I not good enough to be a partner because you and Thad are educated but I’m not?”

“Not at all, my little mouse,” the big man assured the younger man while reaching over and hauling him unto his lap. “It is just that education can open whole new worlds for you, Jordan.”

“I’m already in a new world,” he pointed out.

“And aside from missing your mother, is it that much worse than the one you were in?”

“No,” the young man murmured and shook his head. “It’s better. I like it here. I got friends now.”

“Then is it not possible you’d like learning about other countries and people?”

“I guess,” Jordan begrudgingly agreed. He nestled willingly against Walker’s shoulder when the ex-magistrate’s arm tightened around him. “You might be able to make me go to class, but you can’t make me like it,” he muttered, then grinned in spite of himself when he heard the rumble of laughter bubbling up from the older man’s chest.

“Are..ah..we just going to talk all night?” Thad hesitantly asked with a note of hopeful anticipation in his voice.

 “No, I imagine we’ll want to sleep some of it,” Walker teased. He turned serious when his response resulted in grunts of dissatisfaction. “Of course it is early, so we have plenty of time for some other kinds of action. Got anything in particular in mind?”

The three men laughingly began to remove their clothing. The two younger ones stretched out on the sand side by side with Jordan wiggling his way into Thad’s arms. Thad’s actions showed his eagerness while Jordan’s gave proof of his apprehension. Walker settled next to Thad, fully intent on setting the pace he felt was necessary to ease Jordan’s mind. He had come prepared and believed Thad had also done so.

Reaching across Thad, Walker lovingly caressed Jordan’s face. “Would you prefer to watch, then join in whenever you feel comfortable doing so, love?” Walker smiled when he felt Jordan relax and actually press his head into the caress.

Walker slowly moved his hands over Thad’s body while keeping his eyes on Jordan who was watching the big man’s every move and Thad’s reaction to the tender exploration of even his most private parts.

Seeing Jordan begin to pleasure himself; Walker turned his full attention to his other partner. After deeply kissing Thad’s willing mouth, the older man took his time to nibble and taste his way down Thad’s chest and abdomen. He fondled the other man’s growing erection and scrotum, arousing him even further. Opening the jar he had brought with him, he quickly prepared himself and his young lover before lifting Thad’s legs onto his shoulders and gently pressing into Thad’s welcoming warmth. 

Walker got into a rhythm, his thrusts steadily increasing in speed and depth while building to an incredible conclusion that was more than satisfying to both of them. They moaned out their climaxes as Walker pumped his seed into Thad’s body and Thad ejaculated over his own stomach.

Jordan watched it all in amazement. So enthralled by what he was witnessing, he forgot his own needs. He looked up at Walker’s face as the older man pulled out his softening penis and lowered Thad’s legs to the ground. He bashfully returned the understanding smile sent his way.

Walker kissed Thad’s lips and murmured, “Go wash up, baby, while I spend a little time with Jordan.”

“You bet.” The well-satiated man dreamily sighed as he got unsteadily to his feet and headed towards the water’s edge.

Walker gathered his youngest partner into his embrace and began a sensuous discovery of Jordan’s body with both his hands and his mouth. By the time he reached Jordan’s genitals, the other man was a boneless, quivering mass. Slipping his middle finger into Jordan and lightly brushing his prostate, Walker was delighted to hear the soft sighs as Jordan’s breathing accelerated. He took his lover’s arousal into his mouth and began to guide him to a fulfilling orgasm.  

Thad cleaned himself in the cooling ocean waves. He smiled happily when he heard Jordan shout out his release. ‘Yeah, he’s in good hands. In fact, we both are!’ he thought and sighed contentedly, well convinced that the right choices had been made.


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